Showdog-Universal recording artist Trace Adkins visited Y108 for an Eat N Greet.  Here is the uncut video footage.

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  1. Elisha says:

    Darn I wish I new he wuz gon2 be in town, b4 I made plans to be out of town – Cus Ive always wanted to meet him since I seen him @ a Crawfish Festival down in Biloxi bout 10yrs ago, He has such beautiful lyrics that make some of the best songs he has sung…… To bad he doesnt get more Recognition!! Keep up the Awsome work Trace!!!!!!

  2. Nivasi says:

    Y’all got the closest of the man behind the mike, awesome to see him so relaxed! thanks for posting THIS version

  3. Nivasi says:

    Wow a chat with the Man.. and no coffee for him?

    Did he ever get to eat??

    Thanks again!

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