How To Stop Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are invading houses all over Pittsburgh! Y108 listeners are sharing their sure-fire home remedies that have stopped stink bugs at their homes (and warn you about what doesn’t work, too!)… Here’s what Y108 listeners tell us:

1) Spraying an area with a mixture of Dawn dishwashing soap and water will repel the stink bugs (several people have told us they’ve tried that with success, others say you have to drown bugs in a jar of the soapy liquid)

2) Brown Listerine will kill stink bugs on contact (who figured that out?)

3) Dropping stink bugs in ammonia will kill them (duh – careful with that ammonia, though)

4) Stuff cracks around your attic windows with paper towels and spray them with Ortho Home Max Defense.

5) The insecticide cypermethrine is supposed to work, but it may be hard to find (it can come in bug bomb form). As always, follow product directions for use.

5) Contrary to rumor, burning bayberry candles does nothing to keep out stink bugs

We can’t endorse any of the above methods. However, the experts say that the best way to stop stink bugs from entering your home is by sealing cracks or openings around utility pipes, chimneys, windows, doors and siding. Repair any holes in door screens.

Experts say the best way to pick up stink bugs is with a vacuum cleaner hose… but you’re warning us not to do that, because too many bugs in your vacuum bag start to stink.

And be careful not to squish the stink bugs, because they’ll stink.

If you’ve had success in stopping stink bugs, tell us below.


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  1. Beth Morter says:

    Ortho Home Defense Max and Bug B Gone.Cedar Oil spray.Liquid Sevin.Soapy water.Nicotine Spray.Try these,they work!!!

  2. stephen walker says:

    i’ve been using wasp and hornet spray with a fair amount of success. i’ve tried the roach and ant spray but it DOES NOT work on them. they are extremely resilent and seems to be at least to a certain degree chemical resistant. the alcohol in the listerine is what kills them. i’ve heard lighter fluid but seriously, who wants to spray that on their house and take a chance on burning the place down. well, when you think about it, burning the place down is a sure fire way to get rid of them.

  3. Leah says:

    NEVER use your sweeper. They will stink up your sweeper for along time , even after you get rid of the dirt in canister.

    1. Rose says:

      Just wondering if you are Leah in Murrysville who lays floor tile??

  4. tim says:

    I wasd told that rubbing alcohol would kill them and saw a demonstration of it on youtube!

  5. Alexis says:

    Windex. Either sraying it on them usually from inside when they are on the screen until they fall off or putting some in a container and letting them fall into it. I believe it`s the ammonia in the windex that does the trick.

  6. David Cook says:

    if you turn a can of compressed air normally used for cleaning computers upside down you can freeze them instantly, expensive but extremely effective!

  7. Kelley says:

    When they get in the house, I just scoop them up in a cup and flush them down the toilet.

    1. Rusty says:

      thats what I have been doing the last few years

  8. Karla Diamond says:

    The trick to the soapy water is to spray it on their under body, if you can get it there, they will die in a few seconds. Spraying on their back takes a few minutes if it works at all. I just found that out….

  9. Lynn Wiser says:

    Ortho Home Defense does work but, you make them mad and the stink bring more so you spray some! I get up to 100 or more in my house daily! Just came home from buying more Ortho and had 5 conversions with people looking for something to get rid of these ‘ CREEPY BUGS’! This does not prevent them from coming in.

  10. amanda says:

    the 1st one didn’t work for me it made more!!!

  11. Alexandria says:

    Alcohol in a spray bottle kills them dead .

    1. JP says:


  12. amanda says:

    the 1st one doesn’t work! it make ALOT more!

  13. Denise says:

    Do not vacuum stink bugs up, they can lay their eggs in the vacuum.

    1. lin says:

      no they can’t, they only lay eggs on the underside of leaves and only at the beginning of summer.

  14. Keri says:

    I have vacuumed at least 200 or more of these bugs over the lat week or so and even vacuuming does NOT stop the stench of these things. I have sealed around our screens with tape (temp fix) and since I have done that the amount that i have been finding has decreased dramatically.

  15. cyndi says:

    the rubbing alcohol works but be careful they drop like flies!!!!! i put the alcohal in a spray bottle and they are like little drunks mine are defintely coming through tthe air conditioner

  16. Linda says:

    I typically scoop them up and flush them, because I don’t like the smell of wasp sprays. Since I have put bayberry candles and bayberry scented items around the house, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the numbers of the little critters coming in to the house. Don’t know if it is true, but I heard that theses stink bugs were brought in to control the look-alike ladybugs that were brought in to control tent caterpillars… Can anyone verify that??

    1. Karen says:

      Yes what you heard is true. They were brought in to control the ladybugs. And the scary part is they have no preditors. No other bug can kill these things.The birds won’t even touch them!!!!

      1. denise says:

        i would rather deal with lady bugs, whoever brought these things here is a complete idiot!! what are they gonna do now? bring something bigger than a stink bug to take care of them? in which case it will be more dangerous for humans? these so called no it all people will be the death of us! i just had to vent cause i can”t stand these things!

    2. bethany says:

      no thats wrong! they snuck in on packages. Halyomorpha halys, the brown marmorated stink bug, was accidentally introduced into the United States from China or Japan. It is believed to have hitched a ride as a stowaway in packing crates. The first documented specimen was collected in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in September 1998.

      they would have never brought them in to control the lady bugs they are plant eaters!

  17. Lisa Dees says:

    I used the dawn and water in a spray bottle, works like a charm, but you have to add more dawn soap than water.

  18. Deborah says:

    Dawn dish detergent/water in a spray bottle does work. Not sure if it attracts more because we have them so bad all over doors and deck. My husband sealed put my back door to deck because they were getting under the door. Also, if u put the dawn detergent/water in a jar and as u see them in the house swoop them up and put them in the jar. Kills them in seconds. Saves on flushing them down toilet all the time. Also does anyone know if they do get into crawl space in attic can they get into main house through duck work and ceiling fans? I’m having a phobia with these bugs.

  19. billy says:

    spraying them with ether kills them immidiatly as well. this is dangerious indoors however, DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    also get a junk bagless vacuum cleaner suck them up, and dump the canister into a bucket of soapy water they will drown

  20. phyllis says:

    I have caught them on my porch with alcohol in a cup and they die in there and NO stink

  21. Jim says:

    In order to provide adequate “stink” protection, get an old Gatorade bottle and playing card. Put the mouth of the bottle over them and then slide the card between them and the wall… they will fall into the bottle and you can seal it all up. If you wanted to, you could probably put alcohol or some other liquid in the bottle so they’ll die quicker. Seems to work fairly well for me at least…

    1. Kyle says:

      i did that same thing except there was some gatorade left in the bottle, it was hillarious watching it drown in gatorade 😀

  22. Gregory Thomas says:

    I was told that nicotine kills them. Take a half pack of smokes shred them in half gallon of water, let sit for 20 minutes, strain off liquid, add 1 tsp. of dish soap and spray. Haven t tried this yet so dont know if it works.

  23. Melissa says:

    The brown listerine does not work, I tried it this morning, I hate these things, I just want them gone! But I dont have the money to call a professional to remove them!!!

    1. Eva says:

      After careful investigation, we discovered our Stink Bugs were coming through the air conditioning unit in our bed room. I caught one crawling on my pillow one night & that was it for me . We took the unit out, wrapped the unit in plastic, & threw it out. We killed the bugs by flushing them down the toilet. We masked taped the window cracks & covered the entire window with plastic.

    2. Jim says:

      Even professionals can’t remove them permanently…they leave for a little while and eventually come back ! Not worth the $150-$200 they charge to come out

  24. Laura Harper says:

    We spray Raid Indoor/Outdoor Flying Insect Repellant around the outside of our house, especially windows and doors. We removed our window AC units and keep the windows and doors closed until nighttime when it gets too cold for them. We also bought a Dust Buster (aka “Bug Sucker”) last year. If they get in the house, we just suck them up and stuff tissue in the nozzle end so they can’t get back out and they suffocate. They don’t stink inside the plastic “bag” of the Bug Sucker. It’s also great for sucking up the “fake” lady bugs that’ll be swarming my house in another 2-3 weeks. Ah, country living!

  25. Lori says:

    Talked to an exterminator and he said to get a bug light. They are attracted to the light… zap them! Have not tried it yet tho

  26. james says:

    The best way to remove stink bugs is with a baby wet/dry vac these if you don’t know are portable vacums do not use your house vacum. These are sold in any hardware store or lowes go to lowes first, now follow the directions (if you don’t allready know) to make it ready for wet vac use ,now open it and pore about 1/4 water and a little of some brown listeren don’t use alchol for fear of combustion (make sure your vac has its filter in or the bugs will destroy your vac in minutes) put the top on and sweep. When they go in they will instantly die from drowning or alchol, as you sweep take the vac and hit it on the ground so you make sure the filty mongrols go in the water warning if you don’t know about a wet vac it has a saftey mechinizam so if hit to hard the ball will suck up and stop u from sucktion if this happens just turn of for a few seconds if you turn back on and it keeps doing this its fulll. depending on your vac you can pick up hundreds or thousands just remember to empty out before the water fills or they will be aliveeeee when you empty.

    As for keeping them out use tub and bath silacone silcone all your holes. and as a extra measure plastic your windows in side for winter. Oh for people with window ac when you pull it for winter storage bang on it before you bring through your house , and if you store or leave in the window get some screen and duct tape over the vents on the out side of it this will keep them from coming in your house

  27. james says:

    oh i forgot to tell you that if you use this vet dry vac, use only for about 3 or four minutes in the house because those bugs the minute there attacked they spray and i’m saying this because a vacum sucks in one end and exites air from another so you might still get some stink in your house but its minor

    1. deirdre says:

      I’m just about to buy a small wet-dry vac just for stink bugs but now that you say this, I don’t know how convenient it will actually be. If they get killed instantly in the water/listerine, then perhaps they won’t be able to spray their stink. I was hoping to just keep it filled with water for every sighting. Now it seems to be more inconvenient to have to constantly empty the water…. maybe just easier to kill with papertowel.

  28. Wendy says:

    I just tried some skin so soft from Avon and it seems to be working.It works for fleas and flys and mosquitos too,they don’t seem to like the smell and they go away.Whiped some on all my screens and drops on the window seals.I don’t have alot like some people but I have even one!!!!!

  29. Dino says:

    Ok the dawn and water really works kills them dead. works faster if you get them underneath on there belly.

  30. Greg says:

    burn the house down…lol.j/k

    1. Debbie4 says:

      lol… to burning down the house..

  31. Debbie4 says:

    a mixture of dawn dish soap, alcohol and hot water will kill stink bugs.

  32. Dorie says:

    I have tried hair spray for the ones trying to creep in through the screens and it was a failure.. so, ladies, don’t waste your hair products. Spraying rubbing alchol on their bellies seems to do some damage, though. I just wish I didn’t have to spray my house down with rubbing alcohol to get rid of them.

    I am 8 mo. pregnant and I’m looking for the BEST & SAFEST way to get these gross looking critters out of the house. The Dawn water seems to be a popular suggestion. Any other ideas that I can trust to be safe for me to use?? Thanks guys!

  33. KIMBERLY says:

    I heard and found it does work that using lavendar oil sends them away….I wiped some lavendar oil around a stinkbug and he flew away but every place I applied the oil…NO STINKBUGS!!! So far, so good! I even applied to to all the window screens where they were hanging out and none returned.

  34. Melissa says:

    Dawn dish liquid and water does kill them! Also blue Windex works as well! I recommend if you have them on or near your car and you need to go somewhere and don’t have time to wash your car with Dawn soap and water, use the windex it’s fast and it works!

  35. Jane says:

    Our house is polluted with these bugs. I called an exterminator and he sprayed but said don’t waste your time or money because you can kill a thousand of them and there’s another thousand to take their place. I have tried most everything. The best so far was flicking them into soapy water then flushing. But what about the hundreds of them on my house and screens. I’m afraid to open my screen door because they cluster on top of the door and will come in. I saw a cluster of them on a corner of a high window and slowly but surely they disappeared into the cracks above the window. My house is nine months old and I’m ready to move!

  36. Al says:

    Like “global warming”, Your not going to stop mother nature, learn to deal with it

    1. Jane says:

      Talk to your government.

  37. Deborah says:

    Here’s what I think when the frost comes and the annoying bugs are gone lets have a stink bug party………..

  38. Bill Faith says:

    Ran out of Bug Stop! (Walmart) Every window screen had 8+ on each so I sprayed them with Peppermint Room Deodorizer. I sprayed the screen edges too. For the next 12 hours they wouldn’t come on the screens. A moments peace!!! Plus when the breeze blew the house smelled mint fresh. Got to use a spray without a “powder” residue. NO bathroom air fresheners. I heard they breathe through their bellys. Some bugs breathe through their skin (exoskelton) and smoke kills them like smoke inhalation. Has anyone tried like a mosquito fogger? I saw a battery operated hand held vacuum online, Dirt Devil Cone Vacuum, Cleaner $30-50 has no bags and has a long reach nozzle – 2ft Never wished for cold weather before this year. BTW they’re attracted to light so if they get inside (huh- they’re reading this as I type it!) to can locate them near the light.

  39. dave says:

    .morning breath.

  40. Sue says:

    Everyone is saying they will be gone after the first frost. Last year, middle of winter and extremely cold, they would be on the logs that were brought into the house for the woodburner, and as soon as they warmed up they were in the house again. Some may die in the cold, but alot of them just go dormont or hibernate.

  41. Tammy Peck says:

    Well I can’t say how to get rid of em, but I have warning system for when they are around the house. My dog. I have a yellow lab who hates them as much as we do. He barks like crazy when he sees one. He won’t touch it though, big wimp. LOL

  42. Weasy says:

    Windex works!!!

  43. Kathy Brad says:

    I have been dealing with these stink bugs for 3 yrs all around, fall, winter, spring and summer! Had invasion in my son’s room, possibly came in thru a crevice from a/c unit. Now I know how to keep them from coming indoors. I have learned to open patio umbrellas first to inspect, before I bring them in for the winter, they like to cling on clothes, any kind of fabrics, pillows, covers, curtains especially. I had to bomb the room with bug defogger in the room, had tons of dead ones! Had to vac them up, throw out the bag. Vacumming them is not feasible while they are alive.
    Thanks for all the comments, I have to try the Dawn thing.
    I find if I keep window shuts during the day, they dont cling to the screen so much. Also, I think they are attracted to the color of the house with is wood stained shingles to blend in, is my “theory”. But since I already had an invasion starting 3 yrs ago, they keep coming back.
    I hate those suckers with a passion! One time they were in my pocket of my pant when I took it out of my drawers. I freaked and took everything out of the drawers to inspect. They can lay eggs anywhere, even if there are no plants in the room!
    How they survive in one room is beyond me!
    I got some “educational” comments here. I m not alone!

  44. Rebecca says:

    I am always checking the temperature when I put our dog outside so she can go to the bathroom and I never see Stink Bugs hanging out around the front door when the temperature is 55 degrees or lower and I think when 1 day when the temperature was in the 70’s monday or last week can’t remember but, it was really cold outside and I keep on looking everytime I put our dog outside but I never saw any Stink Bugs outside near the front door.

  45. Chris says:

    We get stink bugs year round here in Murrysville. The winter ones are even more sluggish than the summer ones if you can believe that. They like to buzz around under my nightstand lampshade and freak me out of bed. I either scoop them up and flush them down the toilet or suck them up with my mini-shop vac. No chemicals, no mess, no stinky distress signal to alert other bugs to come. Presto!

  46. Doreen says:

    My son is zapping them with a fly zapper

  47. Ken G says:

    A wet dry shop vac is by far the best method to gather the bugs that have gotten into the house. They will gas-off as soon at they are vacuumed, so don’t vacuum with your house vacuum…you will ruin it forever.

    But if you put about a cup of water and a shot of Dawn liquid dish detergent in the bottom of the shop-vac to kill the bugs, they die in the shop vac as soon as they get vacuumed up.

    Now here is how to deal with the stink created by the little buggers being vacuumed up into the shop vac…along with the dawn detergent, if you put in a shot of liquid laundry detergent in the bottom of the vac, any smell that they create is completely covered up. Dump and rinse the vac from time to time as you use it and then when you finish.

    Hope this helps…


  48. amanda says:

    i have recently cleand my room i read this b4 i did to figure out what could kill them and i have found out that kaboom (its a mr clean product) kills them i put a little in a plastic cup and scooped them into it and let them die i have also got a bar of soap and shreaded a little on the out side of my window and then used it as a crayon on my screen and put a zigzag design on the screen. i have not seen them come back to my window sence and its been a couple of days so untill it rains then ill need to put more on. my screen.

  49. Karin says:

    I will try the shop vac and dawn dish soap. We have sealed off the door to the deck with tape, and taped off the fireplace screen, but now there are hundreds trapped in my fireplace! Any thoughts on how to solve this???

  50. Cindy Morris says:

    SUICIDE BUCKET – Small bucket of water with Murphy’s oil soap. Take a piece of card board & fling stink bug in bucket within seconds stink bug is no longer alive. It’s a simple solution! Good luck! Cindy

  51. V says:

    Lavender oil around doors and window sills is reported to repel them.

  52. matt whetsell says:

    my dog eats them we had a bunch in the house now we only have like two left cause he finds them and eats them

    1. Tom Kerin says:

      Well I’ll bet your dog has just lovely breath and his licks and kisses must be to die for! LOLOLOLOLOL

  53. Nod says:

    Here is a way to deal with stink bugs, and its easy.

    First of all, If they are in side your home, vacuum them up. It will not make them release their stink.

    Now the trick is preventing them next year. They are out side bugs. The feed on vegetation. They lay their eggs on plant leaves. They do this in the spring. If we have a mild winter, and or a dry summer, we are going to end up with a lot. The winters kill them off, and if its dry in the summer it only helps the eggs.

    Go to a home center and get something to treat your lawn, and other vegetation. Seven garden dust works great around the perimeter of your house. use it on all the vegetation around your house and yard. Then get something that you can spray hose end so it’s easily applied over your lawn. A product like Cutter back yard control. Spray your whole lawn with it.

    This should be done some time in August because these bugs lay eggs anywhere between May and Aug.

    If you spray then you will kill the eggs.

    You can also do this when you have the bugs already because it will kill stink bugs that are living outside your home in vegetation.

    Next you can keep them from getting in your home by treating your doors and windows, and anywhere a stink bug may gain access to your home.

    Ortho home defense works well. They sell it in gallon jugs with a sprayer that can spray for up to 20 seconds to make it easy on your hands.

    Spray around all your doors and windows on the exterior and any place that looks like a bug can crawl in. Then you can treat inside with that product as well. Spray the inside of your window sills, and any areas again that a bug can get in.

    If you treat in early august every year with a pesticide dust, and something to treat the lawn, you will have very few stink bugs if at all.

    Also, don’t squish them. When you do they emit their stink, and it stays for 6 months, and it actually attracts more stink bugs.

    Good Luck

  54. Michelle says:

    I hate to tell you all, I’ve had stink bugs for about 3 years, long before they came into Allegheny County (I live in Beaver County). There is no way to get rid of them. You can kill them however you want (drowning, spraying with various chemicals, home remedies, etc.). You can think your house is completely sealed and it is not, no house is completely sealed from these things. Vacuuming them will only ruin your vacuum cleaner by holding the stink bug stench and attracting more stink bugs. Thinking you are being nice when you put them in a tissue and bring them outside – guess what, they come back in the house and you just waste lots of tissues! Flushing them down your toilet? Really, do you want a higher sewage and water bill-once they invade your house-and yes, we had so many stink bugs over the past few years that it would, in fact, make water usage higher. We burned a fire in our fireplace the other day and hundreds came crawling out between the screen and brick trying to get away from the flames. I could go on and on about these major annoyances, but the bottom line is you can kill them, but you cannot avoid having them in your house. THERE IS NOTHING THAT WILL PREVENT THEM FROM COMING INTO YOUR HOUSE! As a side note my husband drowned one in a bowl of water and stuck it in the microwave-the stink bugs will drive you crazy!!!!

    1. nsb says:

      There is MUCH you can do to eliminate stink bugs from your home. The INSIDE OF MY HOME HAS BEEN STINK BUG FREE FOR OVER A YEAR AND A HALF!!
      Treat the outside of your home with Demand CS (quarterly) and they will die. It lasts for three months. You must also caulk around doors and windows (inside and out), screen exhaust vents and a/c vents. It takes time to caulk everything but it is worth it!!! Make sure dryer vents close properly. Remove window a/c units by labor day and store in sealed garbage bag. Examine wood before bringing it into the house. Deep Woods off repels them; spray it on house screens. Fill a coffee can half full of hot water and add two oz of Dawn blue dishwashing liquid. Hold the can up to the bugs and they will jump in and die. Dispose of can when half full. Duct tape the can to a yardstick and you can reach higher places without getting close to the bug. Don’t dispose of live bugs in the trash because you spread them that way. Use painters tape as a quick fix for screens and around windows and doors. Keep your outside lights off, windows closed and drapes closed in the evening because they are attracted to light. The stink bugs will always swarm in the fall but I have been STINK BUG FREE for a year and a half (even though there are still some OUTSIDE during the swarm). You can also spray a product called Buggslayer (attaches to a garden hose) to any trees, bushes they may favor. It is best to do this shortly before the anticipated swarm. Google for Demand CS and Buggslayer. Set off a Hot Shot fogger in your attic and crawl spaces. Seal attic entries (the kind in closets) with caulk and duct tape. You can remove it when you need access. Check outside where the electric lines etc. enter the house and re-caulk if necessary.

    2. clb says:

      You, unfortunately, sound very experienced in the matter of stinkbugs. So perhaps you can tell me what to expect… in December, we are getting up to 25 bugs a day coming mainly thru recessed lights in the ceilings, both on ground floor and upstairs.
      Did you see an increase in numbers as the years went on, and was their winter activity any indication of increase/decrease of numbers?

      1. Michelle says:

        CLB-I have noticed many more stink bugs this Winter than years past. Generally they come in the house when the weather gets cold and live in your attic and in your walls and stay there. When we have a somewhat warm day, they start coming out of the walls, perhaps thinking it’s Springtime. I’ve killed about 3-5 per day lately. Once they are in your house you can’t get rid of them, I don’t care what anyone says. We just put them in a papertowel and throw it in the outside garbage. I cleaned out my basement last week and sucked one up accidentally in the vacuum and now that vacuum smells like a stink bug, it’s crazy.

  55. brian says:

    here is what i did
    i got a garden sprayer hose attatchment and dawn dish soap and hosed the entire house down. haha not only did it clean the house itself there was a million dead stink bugs laying all around the house the next day and no more crawling on the house. i took all the windows out and vacumed the tracks and sprayed “ortho home defense” bug spray all in the tracks. and then got a spray bottle with brown listerine and alcohol and sprayed all around the windows on the inside and more bug spray arounf all the windows and doors on the outside. it seemed to work well
    i found a couple of stray stink bugs but for the most part they all went away or to the neighbors house. they dont like the taste/smell of the dish soap and the listerine so they go some where else.
    im sure its not a cure all but at least it will last a while till we get a couple frost’s. if anything the house is clean and i cleaned all the windows while they were out too

    1. Chip says:

      Does any of these “solutions” kill your outdoor plants/shrubs?

      I’m willing to try what you did!

  56. sandy d says:

    rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle kills them if they dont fly away. I like extra hold hair spray. Their wing stick so they can not fly and then their airway gets clogged and they die.

  57. Ihave"Nostinkingfriends" yeehaw says:

    I’ve gotten rid of them 100%. Burn a couple of them with a long Bic lighter. Lie them in the crease where the window or door slides. They will not return to see their stinking friends at the grave. 🙂 I had literally 25-50 new ones everyday when I came home from work in the patio and upstairs windows. I shoveled 3 burnt stinks into the grooves and poof-gone forever. I can open my windows to and nothing. Been over a week. It’s not gross unless you like your new stinking friends.

  58. Judy says:

    I use a mixture of strong tobacco, half cup of palmovive soap and spray. No stink bugs. I havent had any for two weeks.
    Have to soak the tobacco in water than drain.

  59. Tammy Peck says:

    I don’t understand if their smell is a defense mechanism, why would it draw more of them when you kill them and make them stink. Cause I would think the others would smell it and run away from the danger,not go to it. If I had a friend who smelled like that when in danger I would run away when I smelled it not go to the smell to be put in danger myself.

    1. nsb says:

      They give off something called an aggregation pheremone; this is something that we can’t smell. It is different from the smell they release when they are irritated.

  60. sandy says:

    I put Dawn in one of those ortho sprayers that hook to a hose. Sprayed the outside of the house. No bugs now for 2 days. It rained and it is still working. Seems to make them go away, not kill them. Leaves no noticeable residue on house or windows. Inexpensive and not too time consuming.

  61. CLO says:

    rubbing alcohol does work. I have used it…

  62. Ray says:

    fill a small jar 1/4 full with laquer thinner. place jar under bug and lift up…..bug falls in….killed immediatly!! replace lid on jar and wait until next stinkbug sighting. repeat process. DON’T DRINK !

  63. Rusty says:

    its a funny story but, I had my hunting cloths outside to dry and to remove any sent that my have been on them. a few weeks later at a buddies camp I pulled my camo out and went to put them on and all the pockets had atleast 15 to 20 stink bugs, the funny part was that they looked dead, As soon as camo warmed up the started to move and was very much alive, that was 3 years ago and I still hear about it LOL,

  64. Molly B. says:

    A Neem oil base spray will works well on veggie plants. I used Neem Away from It’s organic and attacks the bugger’s ability to eat….thus dying.

  65. Wayne says:

    Check out this invention it may be able to help you all. It’s really simple to make and anyone can make one. I did and it works great, just check out the video iof this from the frederick news post newspaper.

  66. Shelly Evans says:

    Skin so soft from AVON…kills em dead!

    1. Nina says:

      Best I can tell, they can’t escape liquid — any liquid will kill them, save your money and use water, maybe soapy water… I noticed that they swarm on my window screens if my window is open and consequently my porch gets full of them… closed the window and eventually the swarm got smaller! I keep my exhaust vents running (during the day) to keep them out — as soon as I turn them off they start creeping in… I know, I need to fix it so they can’t get in but I can’t get on my roof and will need to hire someone (I’m old)… by the way, the post by Wayne about the woman that invented a contraption for catching the bugs is pretty cool… if we can’t beat them — best we can do is find ways to increase our comfort… I vote for making a sport out of catching and destroying stink bugs… nothing feels better than watching them die!

      1. Nina says:

        Just did a little experiment and opened a window and put the fan in front of it (screen intact, mind you) and within 20 minutes there must have been 30 stink bugs attached to the screen!! They love the smell of my house, that’s it!!! It’s what I’m cooking for dinner or their one track mind for finding winter lodging, ya think?! I must tell you that I love flicking them off the screen… I literally send them into orbit with a quick flick of my finger… my evil dark side has erupted with the onslaught of the stink bugs!

  67. Kuhns' Family says:

    we have a MAJOR stinkbug infestation at our house. … the following may not repel them very well,…but they do KILL them real good. usually starts to really work within an hour, and their completely dead within a few hours. And you can get them for reasonable prices at 1. Walmart and 2. Giant Eagle, BOTH in the Pet Care Isle where the FLEA shampoos and stuff are!!! 🙂 1. Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea&Tick Home Spray *Walmart* 2. Flea-Free breeze Home and Carpet Spray *Giant Eagle* And they really DO work!!!

  68. nsbs says:

    Someone has come up with a simple idea for a great and inexpensive, do it yourself trap.
    If you make the reusable trap out of corrugated plastic or tin you could weave a string of white Christmas tree lights through it to make it more effective. Not a good idea if you make the disposable traps out of cardboard.

  69. Alex says:


    Also, do >NOT< kill these bugs, their odor attracts MORE which can double, triple or cause even more to be attracted around your house!!!

    The BEST method i have found to remove these little guys is just pick them up GENTLY with a paper towel, and flush the suckers down the toilet. Simple as that, they are harmless, don't bite, or sting and transport NO known diseases.

    Don't be scared 🙂 Because they surely aren't scared of you, i found one on my foot yesterday!!!

  70. D says:

    This was a freak thing, but my son left Gatorade in a cup in his room and when he brought it downstairs there were 8 dead stink bugs in it. Seems that Gatorade attracts them, they get in there and die,.that sure makes Gatorade seem safe to drink… lol !

  71. Gwyneth Butler says:

    I don’t usually get very many stink bugs but I still get them and all I do is just throw them outside. But that probably wouldn’t work for people who get like hundreds of them. They would be up all night getting them out!! 😛

  72. lydiawhitney says:

    I’m compiling the latest research and resources for fighting Stinkbugs on my website

  73. Penny says:

    We have some higher ceilings and a skylight in our home and have a hard time reaching the pests!! Duct Tape a Gatoraide bottle, ot any widemouth plastic bottle to the end of an old broom handle or any length of handle that will reach your ceilings So they cant crawl out while catching them, put about a 1/4″ of liquid cleaner, bug spray, or whatever you have in the bottom. FYI, Lysol spray drives them insane!! You can catch several in those hard to reach places! Cap them up , no stink, and their dead in minutes!!

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