Heart-throb! The first time I saw Casey out at Rivers Casino, he was walking through the crowd with his long hair wet from the shower and leaving a trail of girls in the crowd -eyes twinkling saying “DID YOU SEE THAT!” lol. No exaggeration. The good news: he’s just as sweet and talented as he is gorgeous!

He had us all hooked when he first appeared to the nation on American Idol, but to see him in person was amazing! He started the day off hanging out with Jimmy & Monty in the morning on the air. He looked very comfortable in the studio with his backward ballcap and his curly long hair pulled back in a tail. He fit right in with the guys, teasing them and talking to the callers. He’s just a genuine country boy. So humble and sweet.

At the show, he was one of the boys. Joking with them and looking very comfortable on the stage with his guitar in hand. I spoke with Lon Helton about the event and he hit it on the head. That’s who they are, just country boys with a guitar and a song and we got to see them relaxed in their natural state. It was a beautiful sight and the jam was magic.

The after show party in the Drum Bar was packed and Casey was there taking pictures with the fans and giving out hugs too. He’s great with people and he took time to sincerely smile and wave to as many fans as he could. He may not have won the show American Idol (although he was top 3),but he definately won the hearts of country music fans and the hearts of those of us who were lucky enough to see him at the Y108 8 Man Jam!

I’m very happy to say to all the girls who love Casey James and even more for the ones who’d like to “marry” him, that he’s coming back to Pittsburgh for our Y108 Freedom Fest at Big Butler Fair in July! He must love us too! If we could just adopt Casey James as an official “Pittsburger” it could be complete. In the meantime, we’ll just have to enjoy those moments we get him to come into our beautiful city!


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