Tom Arnold, of CMT’s “My Big Redneck Vacation”, admitted to Y108’s Jimmy and Monty that he has the same poolside insecurities that we all do.

“I was in Cabo last weekend. It was very beautiful, my wife liked it but it was very boring.”┬áHe said that he actually took his shirt off and went into the pool and joked, “It was horrible, frightening.”

Jimmy & Monty asked Tom as a married guy on the beach at Cabo, his secret for scoping out another woman on the beach without getting busted. Arnold said he’s a little “embarrassed about being caught looking because then I’m afraid they’ll look at me. I do a thing when I get down to the pool, I like to get my shirt off really quick, because I’ve had pictures of me taken leaning up without my shirt on and they’d be in the National Enquirer with the title ‘Beached Whale’.”

He said, it’s very hard not to look at some women, especially when they’re not wearing much. “It’s really hard not to look at naked breasts.” He said, “My marriage counselor told my wife, ‘hey, it’s just normal that his brain would make him look because that’s just a normal human thing’, it’s in our DNA or something.”

Season Two of “My Big Redneck Vacation” premiered June 6 at 10:30P on CMT.

– Monty
Jimmy & Monty on Y108 Pittsburgh


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