Have Distracted Drivers Become The Biggest Danger To Pittsburgh Roads?

This is getting ridiculous!

People constantly distracted on the road has brought “defensive driving” to a whole new level!

Have you personally noticed more near misses on the road? I know I have, and I spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a car.

I guess I can speak from experience. I’ve been commuting no less than an hour each way, to and from home to work, since 1999.

That’s 13 years. I did the math once and I’ve spent over an entire year of my life in the car.

This doesn’t seem like much if you’re a truck driver, but when your a working mom who doesn’t really like driving anyway- it’s tough.

In all my travels, I’ve never been more concerned about the possibility of not making it to my destination than I am now!

It’s getting insane on the roads! SENDING A TEXT IS NOT MORE IMP0RTANT THAN MY LIFE! Yes, this is a bit of a rant, but it’s been on my mind for awhile. Today was the straw that broke my silence though!

I wish I could plaster this guys license plate on the internet or could have at least called the police to have him ticketed for scaring a much needed year off of my life, but I can’t.

I also can’t prove this guy was texting, but if he was having a health issue – I figured he would have pulled over, and he didn’t. He just kept going.

I watched the car in front of me drift all the way across the double yellow lines on Golden Mile Hwy in Plum, straight toward an oncoming car!

My thoughts went from disbelief, to “I’m going to watch at least 2 people die in a head-on collision” in a matter of seconds. That’s when the on-coming car locked up their breaks, in synch with my laying on the horn!

The person just drove forward on the wrong side of the road, while the two vehicles coming at him moved to the other side of the road to avoid him! He casually crossed back over to the correct side of the road and went on with his drive as if nothing happened.

The other cars kept going on with their day too, although I’m sure they were shaken. I was. I had to follow this guy all the way through Plum to the Parkway and at every stop light I wanted to jump out of my car and scream at him for what he did! I didn’t, but I did glare at his rear-view mirror hoping he’d get a glimpse of my anger.

When you see something like this happen, it’s natural to put yourself into the position of the oncoming car. What if he’d hit me? I could be dead! My children would not have a mother, my husband would lose his wife and my parents and siblings would lose their daughter and sister.

I’m not saying I haven’t seen bad drivers in years past of my commuting, but it’s truly becoming a daily experience!

It’s time to stop! Focus on the road and the vehicle you’re driving!

Remember, those are people in the other cars. People with lives and loved ones.

NO TEXT IS WORTH MY LIFE, or yours. Please stop. With all my love, Ally


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