There’s been some debate over hunters putting pictures of dead deer on Facebook. Not everyone wants to see them, so do you think that hunters should avoid putting up the pictures or not? Ally =) I posted this question on our Facebook page and here are some of your responses. See what other people think and then take the poll at the bottom. Thanks. Ally =)

Gina Drahos Callender wrote: “I think they should….its their facebook page~they can put whatever they want on it…If someone doesnt like it they delete you as a friend.”

Geo Bennett wroted: “Nobody is forcing anybody to look at any hunter’s pictures. If you don’t like it, move along to something else. I’m not even a hunter, but if I was and bagged an 8 or 10 point, I’d be proud and want my friends to see. It only takes what, 0.5 seconds to click away?

Jed Hunt wroted: “Sitting in a Tree Stand with a High Powered Rifle shooting a Deer is NOT Much of an Accomplishment! lol.”

Anna Batchen wrote: “I’ll stop posting deer pics when you stop posting pics of you making out with your boyfriend/girlfriend 10 inches from the camera! lol … now that’s something no one needs to see ;)”

Melissa Annis wrote: “My husband is a hunter and he should be able to post whatever he wants to Facebook the same as people post what they do every waking moment in their life.”

Danielle Kisow wrote: “Keep posting them!!! It’s an accomplishment to be able to fend for yourself and feed your family without relying on other people such as grocery stores.”

Kayla Noel wrote: I’m not even a hunter and I know that its not all about just sitting in a tree stand @Jed Hunt. For you to act like hunters are unintelligent is preposterous. As far as people who complain about deer pictures on Facebook, grow up. I’d rather see that on my timeline than some 16 & Pregnant or Jersey Shore wannabe taking pics in their bathroom.”

Anthony Phillips And think of the hunters that donate the meat to homeless shelters that their shelfs are empty at 20.-25. From the hunters pocket. And deer meat is better for u

Karen Davis wrote: Wow !!! I would rather see pics of deer on here that hunters have gotten than the stupid stuff people are really trying to sell on here!!! Think it is so dumb!! People always gotta have something to complain about!!!”

Kathleen Ann Fornelli wrote: “Posting pics of your deer is an issue? Seriously? People need to get lives!”

Jeffrey Marston wrote: “Let the voice be herd and if people don’t wanna see them well keep on scrolling!”

Jami Lyn wrote: “Well, I have no issue with it. I post at least one picture of my kids on a daily basis. Do they want to see my kid everyday? What’s fair is fair.”

Paula S. Bain wrote: “Well I don’t want to see it … it is gross … and I will block/unfriend anyone that posts that type of photo.”

Ziggy Zanaglio wrote: “Post away. If I’m lucky enough to bag one this year, I’ll be sure to throw one up. Maybe even a how to video on field dressing just so the vegans can really lose their cool.


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