How Would You Spend $500 Million Dollars?

Everyone is dreaming today! With the Power Ball jackpot at a half-billion dollars, who wouldn’t want to play? But if those insane odds fell in your favor, how would you deal with your new found wealth?

It’s a classic tale, the average person like you and me wins millions of dollars in a lotto and ends up worse off or broke again a short time later.

None of us believe it would happen to us, though – the winning or the failure that could follow.

Maybe it just comes down to some serious luck in both cases, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a “dream plan” either.

So, here’s mine….dream along…

BLAMO – newsflash: Ally from Pittsburgh radio station Y108 WINS BIG!

I think I’d go with Geo’s Facebook post for the original reaction to the idea too. He wrote: Geo Bennett “Most likely go into shock and have an epic panic attack.”

Ok, but after that was over or I was properly medicated I think it could be fun.

I’m sure the attention would be a nightmare, so I could do this:
Jeff Danka wrote: “buy a big fancy motor home w/trailer and play American Pickers.” My husband and I love that show. It could be a great way to get out and let the entire thing cool off for awhile.

I guess then reality must set in and we need to realize that as a person of wealth we owe the public a service for a great luck. I think it’s only fair that we fix our cities problems and Matthew Morris had a great idea saying we could “Buy The Steelers a running back that wont fumble the football!” Not bad.

Since I am a girl and I do love shoes, though I’d have to join Shelly Jenkins for her offer to “Take my sister in-law on a huge shopping spree ;)” I’d have to bring my girls along too, of course.

Honestly, my $500 million dollar platform would be most fulfilling to be able to help the people I love with some of their dreams.

My husband – big new dually crew-cab truck, that boat, horse trailer and dirt bike you want. I get the mule (off-road vehicle not a donkey).

My daughters – a nice wardrobe and hair-do’s for all. And, the indoor riding areana would be on the list too!

I’d buy a heck of a lot of fence, a new barn and some cows for sure!

I’d also retire a lot of my family members…

As for me…I have a friend that’s planting a church who I’d love to surprise and I’d adopt about 50 kids! I do love big family insanity.

I could dream all day. Best of luck to everyone in the Power Ball today and remember it’s better to give than to receive. Ally =)


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