Carrie Underwood is set to star in a live 3 hour special performance of The Sound Of Music around the holidays next year!

Wow, she likes a good challenge, huh?

Julie Andrews has big shoes to fill, and there’s a big risk involved in this idea.

We’ve seen Carrie act a few times already in TV, the feature film Soul Surfer and in her videos.

I know she’s a pretty good actress and a great singer!

The question for me is “can she pull off the iconic Julie Andrews role of Maria Von Trapp in live TV setting?”

This is Broadway level performance stuff!

She is used to doing a multi-hour concert and they come with a lot of choreography and some acting.

But, this is no small undertaking for Carrie.

The original version of The Sound Of Music is one of the most famous movies ever made.

I personally have lost track of how many times I’ve seen it.

We know all the words to every song and the way that Julie Andrews acts out every scene.

Will Carrie Underwood’s twist on the role be accepted by fans?

Carrie has an entire year to prepare for this huge role, and I don’t think anyone would argue that she’s got the pipes to sing it, but can she make it through such a long role as the lead actor too?

Carrie has always had a flair for the dramatic with her music videos too. It’s clear that she’s been bitten by the acting bug and she’s pretty good at it. I think she’s getting better with experience too. The acting involved in her video for Blown Away I thought was really impressive.

It’s clear that Carrie Underwood likes new challenges and I think she’ll be great as Maria in The Sound Of Music. I look forward to watching the performance next year.


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