If you’ve been a fan of American Idol, you probably watched Kristy Lee Cook make it to the top 7 back in 2008!

She was also well known to horse lovers as the girl who sold her favorite barrel horse to buy a ticket to fly to the Idol audition in Philly.

Well, it worked out well for Kristy and her horse!

I got a chance to catch up with her 4 years after we got to know her on national TV, and she’s been very busy.

We talked about horses and her foundation to save and transition horses from racetracks and slaughter auctions to a second chance at life.

She also gave us her opinion on her favorite reality singing competition and it might not be what you think.

And, she’s working with a new executive producer too…lucky girl.

It was great to meet and speak with her and much success in the future to Kristy Lee Cook. I hope you enjoy the interview.
Thanks Ally =)

Ally’s interview with Kristy Lee Cook


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