Jerrod Niemann: Hitmaking ‘Babe Magnet’

Jerrod Niemann is one of the guys in country music that you’d want to and usually can have a beer with.

He’s got some great hit songs, a wry sense of humor and very few can attract the ladies like my personal friend Jerrod. I say that because it’s hard to have a conversation with him without some gorgeous babe getting all ga-ga with him for a picture and a phone number (always given freely to him).

The cool thing about Jerrod is he handles it very nicely and goes back to talking football or music while I’m still going, “Jerrod did you see that girl!!” With hits like “Lover, Lover”, “Only God Could Love You More” and “One More Drinking Song” he has little to worry about.

Anyway, the guy’s got great country music. He’s written some monsters so he’s making money which adds to his confidence on stage, isn’t afraid to be a little politically incorrect and he’s got a nine person band with horn players.

He told me when he was here at our Baierl-Acura Theatre that with a bigger band most people think you ALL play really well.

Ya’ see, there’s that sense of Jerrod Niemann humor.


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