Are You Still Going To Work With The Flu?

It’s official. It’s flu season. Now the game is – “DON’T GET IT!”

But if you do get sick (and chances are good you will) do you keep going to work or do you stay home and get better?

I understand why you go to work sick. I’ve done it. But we need to think about the big picture too.

The first order of business is stay well and there are a lot of things you can do to stay healthy. You can get the flu shot, you can live a healthy lifestyle and take vitamins. These things help, but it doesn’t mean you’ll never get sick.

So, when there’s work that needs to be done and bills that have to be paid, what do you do? Most of us seem to suck it up, take medication that will mask the symptoms and go to work. But, that doesn’t keep it from spreading.

Exposure to the flu is what spreads it. The end. So, if you’re an employer that doesn’t encourage employees to stay home when they’re sick (or send them home if they come to work sick), you’re guilty of spreading the flu. And, if you go to work sick, you’re guilty too

If you are sick, you need to GET REST for it to go away. I know it’s easier said than done, but that’s the reality.

I understand there are times that you feel you need to do things and can’t stop for the flu, but do we realize how ridiculous that sounds?

It’s our culture that needs to change, and if you’ve never been hospitalized with pneumonia, let me tell you – YOU DON’T WANT TO BE THAT SICK!

I was checked in on my 40th birthday and spent 8 days feeling like I was going to die. I lost my pay for those days and my life shut down.

It gave me some perspective, though. I slowed down a lot, changed my lifestyle and my expectations.

I don’t think we should put everything else ahead of our own health or the health of others.

I understand having bills to pay, but consider the potential consequences of getting that sick or getting others sick too. Some people can’t recover as well as others and they have to go to work too. How unfair is it for a healthy person to come to work and have a sick person at work cause them a loss in pay when they catch it?

The Flu kills people every year. If you’re an employer, I hope you encourage people to stay home when they’re sick. Sick people aren’t very productive anyway.

And, if you’re sick…get well soon. Ally


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