I find myself doing this more often than I like.  Again, I feel a need to defend Taylor Swift to some of my beloved Y108 listeners.  Maybe we’ll have to agree to disagree this time.

Taylor Swift stories seem to come through daily.   Last week it was how she spent 2 hours on a private lunch with a teenage girl who is a fan and has been struggling with brain cancer for a year.

Another one recently came through about her charity of books to a local library in the town where she grew up.

She’s given money to many causes and places over her years of success and she’s been honored for it more than once.

She’s broken records set by artists like Garth Brooks and most recently Madonna.

Whether you want to call her “too-pop” or “not country” she is still the biggest country music influence on pre-teen and teen girls as well as young women.

I remember what it was like being a girl.  I remember how much I idolized the artists in my influence.

So, as a mother of 3 girls who fit the above scope, I thinK she’s about the best thing going for them right now.  That doesn’t mean she’s my favorite artist, but I’ve already grown out of what she talks about in her songs.

I think she does a fine job representing what it’s like to be a girl.  The dreams of the romance, the heart-break of betrayal, the fear of abandonment and best of all – she’s given me many opportunities to talk about life with my girls.

Most recently she released the “Trouble” video and I looked at my husband and said “she’s showing a rave” and we had a long talk about how ugly that lifestyle can be if you fall into drugs.

My one daughter loves her dresses and how classy and beautiful her image usually is and she didn’t like seeing Taylor that way at all, so we had that conversation too.

I had a very interesting conversation with a father who does not like Taylor Swift.  I talked to him for almost 10 minutes, so I did edit it down to the meat of the conversation.  Take a listen.

Ally’s debate over Taylor Swift

Here’s the thing, I know I’m treading on dangerous territory by saying this, but my daughters also like to listen to Star 100.7 (it’s pop music).  That means I get to be subjected to artists like Kesha, Pink and Nicki Minaj on a regular basis.  (this is where you should feel very sorry for me…)

They’re lyrics are awful and I’ll turn those songs off and call it “trash” when we’re in the car.  But when Taylor Swift comes on, they blast the speakers and sing every word along with her!  I don’t think we’re alone in that either.

I know that Taylor has moved away from country music and toward pop more recently.  But, I think she’s young and I believe her heart is country music and it will lead her back to country music again.  I try not to judge her, because I did the same thing.  Country music is home though, and it can be a dark and scary world out there, so I pray for the girl and that she stays strong.

Also, from the phone call, I have to touch on the issue with classic rock.  I know again, dangerous territory.  But, I hate hippy music and that whole stoner, heroin, drug trip music era that is so idolized still in 2013.  It’s annoying and a horrible culture in my opinion too.  Don’t even get me started on the love affair with loser athletes who get away with EVERYTHING!

So, you can hate Taylor all you want.  I can’t imagine being in her shoes and doing any better.  In fact, I didn’t do so well as a 22 year old and I didn’t have half the pressure of judgement on me.   If she goes “kesha” on me though, we’re done!

I think this is a great message for young ladies right now!  Heck, it makes me what to do something great and I’m old…lol!


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