We’ve already seen 11 seasons come and go and over the years they’ve turned out several country-lovin’ singers! When you do the math, country stars and American Idol add up nicely!

The new Forbes list of American Idol Top Earners in 2012 has been released. Here’s my side of the debate on Kelly Clarkson. Over the years she and Carrie have fought for the lead of top Idol several times. This time Kelly is #1, but I’m calling her out as a country girl!

First, she had the biggest hit on Y108 with Jason Aldean and showed up with Blake Shelton on The Voice too! Not to mention her previous duet and tour with her future Mother-in-law Reba McEntire. She’s very Nashville! So team country music get’s Kelly Clarkson and her 8 million earned last year.

There is zero debate that Carrie Underwood is country music! Although I guess we have to give her up to Hockey a bit too for her husband Mike Fisher, but for the numbers – Carrie Underwood was at #2 with $5 million last year!

American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery is way up on the list coming in at #3 and a annual income of 4 million last year. Not bad for a seriously country boy with a VERY deep voice!

Other Country singers on the top earners list included Katherine McPhee 1.1 million who tied with Kellie Pickler on the list.

So, if you add up the totals, the American Idol artists on the Forbes list with a country music connection came to a grand total of 19.3 million earned in 2012! The other Idols on the list came to a total of only 13.5.

So, COUNTRY MUSIC DOMINATES in the Forbes top earning Idols list for 2012!

I guess they finally got the message to, and added Keith Urban to the judges panel. It all makes sense now.


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