Tim McGraw appears on the cover of the new People magazine, discussing his decision to quit drinking 5 years ago. CMT’s Samantha Stevens told Jimmy and Monty about her recent encounter with Tim.

“He said it helped him get into shape… and instead he’s working out religiously. You don’t know if it was something he felt was a problem, or if he just flat out was like, ‘You know I’d rather just toss tires around in the parking lot and get really fit’.”

“I got to sit down with Tim last week and talk about the new album that’s coming out next week. And he looked amazing, number one, and he felt amazing number two because he hugged me and his back muscles were like ‘I am da Hulk’. Just to let all you ladies know, I’m just sayin’. But he was absolutely delightful. He’s been making music and making hits as long as I can really remember. He was wonderful, and amazing, and seemed like he was in a really great place in his life…musically, personally… it was great.”

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