Taylor Swift Explains Her Edgy “Trouble” Video

Her song “I knew you were trouble” is featured on her Red Album, and the video is the story of two people who have, what Taylor calls “this really epic and really toxic relationship.”

The concept was months in the making and Taylor shot the video in an all-night session after her performance on the American Music Awards.

Taylor admits that the song sounds different than anything she’s ever done before, which is why she felt it was time to do a video that was different too.

It’s more like a mini movie than a typical music video, and it tells the story of a girl who changes herself dramatically for a boy and finds out it was a big mistake.

Taylor admits, “This video is edgy because the narrative of it is edgy.”  It was a bit of a shock for Taylor’s long-time country music fans.

We’ve been used to seeing a character that we could relate to the real Taylor Swift, and it made some (myself included) nervous to think that she was going in a bad directions personally.

Taylor does set that straight saying “I knew in this video that I wanted to look like someone else. I wanted to play a character. I wanted it to be an acting piece.”

Their toxic love story is shot in places that were not comfortable for Taylor, like the “horrendous warehouse that smells like dead bodies” and  a dirty bar where her boyfriend in the video picks a fight.

It’s in the bathroom of that bar where she finally sees that their relationship is bad for her.  But, Taylor said “the aftermath, I think is what is really going to make this story well-rounded.”

Taylor Swift is a risk taker and she says in the behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the video that she takes responsibility for her risks.

It takes a brave and confident woman to put herself out there and it takes a humble person to accept responsibility for your failures.

I think that she is telling an important story in the clip.  Being someone you’re not and putting yourself into situations that are uncomfortable for good reasons, is probably a bad idea.  Insecurity in young women can cause them to do things they’ll regret.  Hopefully, you won’t allow that to happen.


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