Live from Gobblers Knob this morning Punxsutawney Phill came out of his stump and proclaimed “no shadow do I see, and early spring for you and me!”

So, now that it’s official that spring is virtually here, what is favorite part of spring?

We can all agree that the disappearing snow will make life easier.  No more shoveling, plowing, slipping and sliding on the roads.

We won’t have to bundle up in coats, hats and gloves anymore.  Time to bring back the bright color clothing and spring flowers will be popping before we know it.

The leaves will return to the trees and the grass will grow again.  The birds will be back and the morning air will be warm and filled with the sound of chirping again.

The warm sun on our skin again and the out door work will really kick in.

Here comes the gardening, the rotatillers will be roaring all over our region as we get outside and start turning the dirt to plant again.

I’ll be ordering our annual chicks, since I live on a farm, and my horses will be happy to have real grass to graze on again.

The sun will rise earlier and stay up later in the evening, giving us longer days to enjoy.

People will dust off their BBQ’s and eat outside again.  Windows will be opened and fresh air will be back in our homes.

Pirates baseball will be back and so will the rumble of those amazing thunderstorms again.

The beginning of he real excitement of 2013 is getting started early this year, and I couldn’t be happier!

Thanks Phil! =)


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