An 18-year old Wyoming youth has built a working fusion reactor in his parent’s garage. Plasma inside the legal homemade device reaches a temperature of 600 million degrees Fahrenheit. = I wonder what his girlfriend thinks of that? Oh, wait… never mind.

A 58-year old Haitian man makes a living as a street entertainer by putting the heads of boa constrictors in his mouth. It cost him his marriage, though, because his disgusted wife left him. = He kept his snakes, but lost his main squeeze.

A FLORIDA gas station got a visit from a  disgruntled former employee, who pulled up to a pump and threatened to burn down his car AND the station. The 40-year old man sprayed gas all over his car and himself, but he wasn’t able to finish his plan because he didn’t have a lighter. None of the customers would loan one to him. = That was his problem as an employee: he wasn’t a self-starter.

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