The Band Perry reveal the bad habits they couldn’t break for 40 days.

Kimberly: My only vice, and it truly is one, is sweetened ice tea.

Reid: I’m tryin’ to get on this kick where I cut out bread… except I keep fallin’ for like pizza and like hot dogs and stuff like that

Neal: (Kimberly whispers “Video games”) C’mon, I don’t play video games! I just… um… okay, video games. We’re on the bus a lot of the time and so there’s not a lot to do. So, what are Neal’s favorite games? Angry Birds… I know this sounds very kind of (Reid: “Childlike?”) You know, Reid, I can describe myself, thank you. Angry Birds is one, and then there’s this other one with zombies n’ stuff.

Hear more from The Band Perry with Jimmy and Monty, including their unique plans to celebrate their lastest #1 hit, “Better Dig Two”:

The Band Perry


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