Expensive Dresses In Danger From Unseen Oscar Hazard

“Inside Edition” host Deborah Norville joins Jimmy and Monty to expose an unseen hazard to any glamorous starlet who walks the Oscars’ red carpet.

“A little inside tip for you: when the stars are working the red carpet, they have these boxwood hedges that are all trimmed that the stars have figured out…(if) you get too close to this damn bush, it’s gonna wreck your dress.” says Deborah.

“So, I bring a towel from the hotel and I spread it across my hedge, because I’m tired of borrowing gowns from very generous designers and then returning it looking like the cat had its way with it.”

Is there any perk that makes a dress-shredding red carpet worth the risk? “(Celebrity chef) Wolfgang Puck comes through every year… wandering up and down the red carpet with these gold-dipped Oscar-shaped chocolates.”

Hear Deborah Norville with Y108’s Jimmy and Monty below:



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