OMG! Insider correspondent Thea Andrews shares her favorite Oscars moment that we didn’t get to see… yet!

“Jennifer Lawrence showing up at the Governor’s Ball, and her parents coming, and that first moment when she saw them and they saw her. It just warms your heart because she is SO adorable, and so authentic and so unguarded. She’s one of these few actresses in Hollywood … that, really, you feel like you’re seeing the real her.”

It was quite an evening for the “Silver Linings Playbook” star.

“Wasn’t that just adorable last night when she fell (when accepting her Best Actress Oscar)? Who else could fall on their way up to the podium and turn that into a win, you know? And people gave her a standing “o”.  It’s not just a gimmick that she’s bringing her parents, she’s obviously really, really close to them.”

Thea Andrews has video of Jennifer’s reunion with her parents on OMG! Insider. Here she is with Y108’s Jimmy and Monty:



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