The Results Show was last night, but the first live show for this season of American Idol was in Las Vegas earlier this week with the Top 10 Girls competing and Keith Urban did a lot of live tweeting on each of ladies performances. Check out his comments and how my predictions did with the final results on each of the girls!

Only half will make it through this week and here are some of their best performances and Keith’s tweet.
First up is Kree. SHE MADE IT TO THE TOP 10
Many people have already predicted her as a winner this year. She even got the notorious “She’s in it to win it” live from Randy Jackson. I think she WILL stay with the show through this elimination. Check out her amazing story and vocals. I think she’s SAFE

Next is Zoanette!
I didn’t really “get” her at first, and her performance this week might leave her behind. But, she will go down in American Idol history either way with one of the most amazing performances EVER on the show with this one! I hope she stays, but I don’t know if she will. NOT SURE

This is Breanna:

She’s a very good singer and performer. I know that they feel like she’s a “complete package” and will have a great future either way. This is one of her better performances, but the one she did this week did not have the same strong impact, so it could go either way with her this time. NOT SURE

Here’s Aubrey
This is one of her better performances and the girl is STUNNING. She’s very Beyonce-esque. I don’t think she has as much stage presence or as strong a vocal as Beyonce, but she’ll probably end up very famous somehow…as a model, actress, singer, etc. I think she might not make it through this week though and the judges will likely be shocked by it. OUT THIS WEEK

This is our girl Janelle
She’s our traditional country girl singer this season. I ADORE HER! I think her performance this week was really good, but with half of the singers leaving – I’m a bit worried. She barely made it through the last round and I don’t think we’ll get to see her move on. OUT

It’s Teena!
Again, I’m not sure on this one either. She’s got a great voice, but she also kind of annoys me. It’s just kinda piercing at times for my listening. The judges seem to love her, but the dress (I thought) looked goofy and I don’t know if she’ll really get the votes. I think people would be more likely to keep Zoanette. DON’T KNOW

I’m calling her to win it all this season! I was watching and Randy Jackson said “I feel like I’m at your concert” which was a line he made famous last season when he’d often say that to Phillip Phillips. He won it. SHE’S SAFE

This is Amber
She is SUPER-GOOD! The ease in which she sings, does really blow your mind! I thinks she’s through FOR SURE!!

Next is Adriana

I think this is that last week we’ll see her this season. I do believe she’ll be back. She’s very young so she has time on her side. She’s off to a great start, but too many others are WAY better right now. OUT

This is Candice

I think she’s a great singer. I don’t know if she has a chance to win against some of the other singers, but I think she’ll make it through this week. She’s really good!!! SAFE

So we’ll see how America voted on the results show, but tell us who YOU think will be in the competition still after tonight’s elimination show.


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