Keith Urban Tweets American Idols Top 10 Guys

Keith did a great job tweeting for ALL of the girls as they performed earlier this week.

He missed a few of the guys last night, but we still got some real-time reactions from Keith on the boys of American Idol.

Check out their performances, Keith’s tweets and MY predictions. Then, TAKE THE POLL at the bottom with your opinion too! Ally

Burnell Was Revealed as a TOP 10 contestant last night. Here was my prediction: I think he is captivating. Every time I see him perform, I’m glued to the TV. I think he does that to all of us and I’m sure he’ll be SAFE.

Charlie’s DID NOT MAKE IT: I was hopeful for him, because I thought he would get a lot of under-dog voters. Here’s what I said: His performance was one of the most uncomfortable moments I’ve seen on this season of American Idol so far. Keith didn’t send out a tweet on Charlie, but I don’t think much went “unsaid” during the critique. It was brutal and Nicki was mean, in my opinion. I like the happy version of Charlie A LOT! I hope he makes it through and I hope they NEVER make a guy cry on Idol again! I think FANS LOVE HIM and he’ll be SAFE

Cortez DID NOT MAKE IT: For the record, Nicki was mean to him too. He’s a good singer and seems like a nice guy, but I don’t think he has the talent to stay with them after tonight. OUT

CurtisWas Revealed as a TOP 10 contestant last night. CAN I GET AN “AMEN!” He is incredible and MUST stay in the competition. SAFE

Devin Was Revealed as a TOP 10 contestant last night.He’s also one of my favorites. I love the sound of his voice. I believe he is SAFE.

ElijahDID NOT MAKE IT: I guess he’s good. My daughters like him. He just doesn’t leave much of an impression on me. I think he’ll be OUT

LazaroWas Revealed as a TOP 10 contestant last night.This boy appears to be a HEART-THROB with a really amazing story. HE’S SAFE

Nick DID NOT MAKE IT:– I like him, but I don’t think he’s gonna make it in this crowd. I believe he well be OUT.

Paul Was Revealed as a TOP 10 contestant last night – I missed this one. I gave up his going through because I thought they’d vote for Charlie. I was gladly wrong. I think he’s really talented, but there’s something strange about him. With half of the guys going, I think he might end up being the shocker and being OUT

VincentDID NOT MAKE IT: He got a brutal critique too. I didn’t think it was bad, but he’s probably OUT

Here is how you voted for the guys of American Idol this season!


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