Dog Swallows A Small Fortune In Weird World News

Montana: Wayne’s golden retriever ate 5 hundred dollars in cash. So, Wayne picked through his dog’s droppings, and he’s sent the pieces to the Treasury Department. If they can find 51% of each bill, he’ll get reimbursed for his loss… but the process will take up to 2 years. = Because it’ll be that long before they find any Treasury worker willing to handle the job.

Over the course of two years, an English woman lied to her boss by fabricating the deaths of 8 different relatives, including her parents, to get time off from work. An investigation revealed that all of her supposedly deceased family members were very much alive, and she’s being fired. = They should’ve made her work the graveyard shift

A 33-year old guy dressed as Cookie Monster in Times Square was posing for photos with tourists when he allegedly got testy with a mother who wouldn’t tip him for taking a picture with her young son. So, he cursed her and pushed the 2-year old to the ground. = He may not have been the real Cookie Monster, but he sure was crummy

Instead of hiring grass-cutting crews, Famous French landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are using goats to manicure their lawns. = They not only mow, they fertilize, too.

German police are looking for thieves who stole over 5 tons of Nutella chocolate-hazelnut spread. = Fingerprinting them should be easy.

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