Big Kenny, half of country duo Big & Rich, is stepping out of the honky tonks and into the dance clubs with his new project Electro Shine.

Along with Kenny, Electro Shine also features producer CheBacca and instrumental strings duo ChessBoxer. The group has just released its first single, “Dance Upon the Solid Ground,” on Glotown Records.

The music aims to strip borders from traditional genres and find common ground. Calling their sound ” “Muzika Without Prejudice,” Electro Shine blends elements of country and bluegrass with big beats and a rave-y, electronic sound that is heavy on the positive vibes and primed for dancing. “Hold on to ya honey,” Kenny sings, “it’s electro country.”

Some country fans may already have experienced what Kenny is going for, as he’s unleashed it after select Big & Rich shows in such places as Country Thunder in Wisconsin (where Electro Shine made its world premiere) and Joe’s Bar in Chicago. At Joe’s he brought out CheBacca (see photos) and kept the party going late into the night.



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