CMT’S Samantha Stephens grew up in rural Georgia with an unusual pet: a wild raccoon named “Spanky”. She tells her story to Y108’s Jimmy and Monty.

“We rescued him when he was a wee little thing. I couldn’t just let him starve. They’re so cute when they’re little, and they’re so dexterous, too.”

“We had Spanky until he was fully grown. He wandered off into that big ol raccoon nest in the woods, and my mom was like ‘This is the part where we have to let him go. He wants to wander, let him wander, Sam.’ I was like ‘MY SPANKY!’… it was very tragic, acutally.”

“This thing ruled the roost, don’t get it twisted. He had a canopy, he had cedar shavings, he had heat lamps, he had fans in case it got too hot. The funny thing is, my mom was like ‘I just can’t figure out why this thing won’t leave us.’ I’m like ‘Because he’s staying at the Four Seasons, would YOU wanna go back in the woods?’.”

Hear CMT’s Samantha Stephens with Jimmy and Monty, weekdays at 7:30A and 8:20A on Y108.


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