Jason Aldean Filed For Divorce; Y108 Listeners Aren’t Happy

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Y108 listeners reacted to the news of his split on Facebook and the ladies aren’t happy with him.

They had a story-book marriage, we thought. They were high school sweet-hearts and they have two young children.

But, since the photos of Jason Aldean in a Los Angeles bar kissing another woman became public less than a year ago, we’ve wondered if it would last.

Unfortunately, it didn’t and Jason Aldean filed for divorce from his wife of 12 years in court on Friday.

Now, country music fans are reacting to the situation.

Mindy wrote: So sad for such a young family. Sorry Jason, she loved you when you were a nobody, You will never find that love again.

Stephanie wrote: so sad. but once a cheater… well…

Janet wrote: This is what happens when these guys get big heads! Someday he will realize the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Karen wrote: If it was him that filed for the divorce, obviously he wants to be free to play the field…I would have thought she would have filed since he’s a cheat. He makes me sick…

wrote: This is sad .. People don’t realize how much something like this affects the children .. They are the ones who truly suffer.. Money and fame obviously made his head too big I love his music but I am sorry he let the whole fame take over his life.. Prayers to his kids and hope they can get through this and for his wife who was there for him when he was nobody..

wrote: Maybe Jason should look at the success of George Strait….behind every successful man, is a good woman.
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Lisa wrote: U know nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors..we don’t live with them, I say don’t judge..its heartbreaking all the way around, speaking from experience!

Janet wrote: He’s not feeling humble like a lot of guys in this field and in sports he thinks now that he’s “Made it”, that he will not be likely turned down by any girl in his audience. He’s throwing his wife away, someone who like Mindy says loved him for him, not his money or fame yea it is sad.

Sara wrote: It is sad and the kids do suffer but we also don’t know everything that happens in their life. And maybe he didn’t think it was fair to her to keep trying to work on the marriage when he knew he wouldn’t be able to not cheat.

wrote: If he was to be knocked back down to a nobody, he would beg for his wife back. But! It’s not going to hurt him professionally
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Kiley wrote: Sad….
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Dawn wrote: Looks like we have something in common then! Js…

Lisa wrote: I will not judge him. Divorce isn’t easy on anyone. Yes he cheated. They had problems in their relationship. I’m not worried about the adults. The kids need to know that just because their parents are breaking up doesn’t mean it was their fault and they still love their kids very much.


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