I’m a bit of an expert on this subject. I’ve been blessed to be a mother for 15 years now. I thank my oldest daughter regularly for allowing me to work out the bugs of motherhood on her, and she gets a laugh out of it.

Mothers deserve more than one day a year to be celebrated, but I see every day that I get to hold the honored title of “mother” as a blessing and a gift.

I love my mother so much for the things that she taught me about being a modern mother of the 70’s and beyond. She raised me to be very independent (which she occasionally regrets), and to work hard but take care of myself too (which is a difficult trick.)

She ran a tight ship, but she’ll still engage in the occasional water-fight in the house and she’d be the one who dragged in the hose..lol.

I was a handful as a kid. I was insane on my horse and would be gone most of the daylight hours without a cell phone or a helmet. She always said, make it home by dinner and I did.

She taught me to do things like paint rocks to look like lady bugs, cook and measure flour correctly, sew my own clothing and shave my legs.

She always made time for me and my brother and 2 sisters. She cooked breakfast, pbj’s for lunch and always made a real dinner.

She worked hard at home, chasing me and my siblings around to fold the laundry and clean the bathrooms. Saturday was ALWAYS cleaning day until noon. She taught me to get down to business, get it done and go have some fun.

She is very competitive and always entertaining. She made me laugh and always gave me a hug when I needed it. She told me to hold in my stomach, put my shoulders back and stand up straight. That was one of the best lessons I took with me in life.

She showed all of us kids that she loved my father and respected him, although she had strong opinions about things and let them be known.

All of these things that she did as mom where done while she still held down a full time job running her own real estate office. She also taught me about business and how big a struggle it can be at times.

She failed more than once, but she always got back up and dusted herself on and went at it again with new knowledge. She taught me tenacity.

It’s a lot to live up to a mom like that, but she always told me she was proud of me.

I know that mothers deserve more than a day of recognition, but I also believe that they ARE recognized in every moment and decision that their children make after they leave to be adults.

It’s a tough job and I marvel at how we pull off motherhood in 2013. I’m not perfect. She wasn’t perfect. I tell my children to NEVER try to pretend to be perfect.

All I want as a mother is for them to live to their potential as Gods great creation and I thank Him EVERYDAY for trusting someone as screwed up as me as their mother.

I love you mom!


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