“I want something else, to get me thru this Semi-Charmed kind of life, baby baby…”

So goes one of the iconic Pop/Alternative songs of the 90’s.

What if the “I” is mom…and the “something else” is a torrid fling with a man who’s not dad?

According to this writeup in The Huffington Post, the day after Mother’s Day is a big one for cheating site Ashley Madison.

In fact, if today is like years past, they’ll see an over 400% spike in registrations.


The founder and CEO of Ashley Madison told HuffPo…“Mother’s Day tends to magnify the flaws, leads to questions about the choices you have made, and ultimately fosters conclusions around doing something different for yourself…This latter choice tends to be the genesis of many women’s journey into an affair.”

Call me old-fashioned…but when Reba sang about “questions about the choices you have made” and fostering “conclusions around doing something different for yourself” in 1992’s “Is There Life Out There“, the lady in that video went to college and got a degree.

Now, do we simply assume she goes to a cheating site and picks up another man…or woman!?

The HuffPo piece mentions a survey of over 15,000 “cheating mothers” taken by Ashley Madison…and one in five respondents cited finding themselves in a “sticky situation” as they try to balance being a mom and being a lover to someone other than dad.

Kids, schmids!

2/3 of the respondents admitted to taking a call from their “lover” while in the presence of their kids.

Over half have been late picking up the kids from a sporting event, play date or other appointment because of a rendezvous.

Almost a third admitted to changing their kids’ plans to accommodate a tryst.

I’m guessing there was no place on the survey to disclose how the kids reacted if they found out Mommy had a new boyfriend.

Just my opinion…

But I find it more than a little interesting that all this is playing out as the nation waits to learn how the Supreme Court will rule on gay marriage. How I feel on the issue is immaterial to the fact that many opponents base their stand on the belief that the sanctity of marriage would be destroyed if the Court rules in favor of gay marriage.

I respectfully – and vehemently – disagree…because in a culture where a cheating website can tell you “Life is short. Have an affair” while boasting “over 18,970,000 anonymous members”…the sanctity of marriage train left the station long ago.

Again, maybe I’m just not “with it”…or “sophisticated enough”…but I much prefer Brad Paisley’s views on romance.

Maybe the world would be a better place if couples took the lyrics to the above videos to heart.

But then again, what do I know?

I’m just a guy who plays Country Music on the radio…who is by no means oblivious to other women but loves his family too much to hurt them. And is looking forward to his 31st anniversary in June.

Thoughts anyone?


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