Y108 Reunites Two Army Buddies At Kenny Concert

We received this terrific note (with annotations) from Jade Conley after our 2013 Kenny Chesney show at Heinz Field:

Saturday night  (June 22), my husband and I were enjoying the Kenny Chesney concert and all of a sudden I heard some excited banter going on behind me. Turns out Y108 approached a couple in the high above seats and offered them an upgrade to some better seats just behind us. The guy you moved (Spc. Eric Brown) was stationed with my husband in Germany 5 years ago and they both kinda lost touch until meeting briefly in Iraq in ’10 and haven’t talked since. (Sgt Conley’s job was to assist with troops leaving Iraq, and he bumped into Spc. Brown when he put him on a plane) My husband, Sgt. Ronald Conley, has since been stationed to the Clarion, PA recruiting station and neither of them knew they were both in the Pittsburgh area or even PA for that matter. Kenny Chesney was great but for my husband bumping into an old Army buddy he hasn’t seen or heard from in years was the BEST part of the night! Thank you Y108!! We will be looking forward to BBQing with the Browns this summer!!

Jade Conley

If you know a member of our military whom Y108 should salute, please write to   monty@y108.com


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