Joel Crouse Confesses About Heartbreak And Almost Dying

Before Joel Crouse opens Taylor Swift’s 2013 “Red Tour” at Heinz Field on July 6, the “If You Want Some” singer offers five confessions to Y108’s Jimmy and Monty.

1) Joel’s First Kiss: I was 13, at the stairway of  junior high school. She was a year older, of course. I made the move. How does Joel rate his first attempt at kissing? I think it was a solid 8 or 9.

2) Joel’s First Heartbreak: It was right before I went to Nashville, to start writing with some of the writers down there. Actually, the week before. I walked in on my girlfriend with a college basketball player. It was pretty rough. He was like, 6′ 7″ and I’m 6-feet maybe on a good day. So I just left. Totally left, and just wrote a song about it. We’re still friends… kind of (laughs).

3) Time Joel Could Have Died: Actually, I almost drowned at the beach one time when I was a little kid. My dad actually saved me. Pretty insane. There had just been a storm the night before, the waves were pretty insane, like as far as rapdily coming in. They kept knocking me down, so actually it knocked me out pretty far. I ended up getting, like, sucked out a little bit. My dad saved me, it was crazy. Myrtle Beach, of all places. Not a fun time, that’s for sure.

4) Joel’s Brush With The Law: Week after I got my license, I got a speeding ticket. It was awful. My parents weren’t that happy. And I tried talking my way out of it. But I was so nervous. The cop asked me, she said “Where you headin’ to?” And I was so nervous, and I was going to pick up my paycheck from work, but all I said was “I’m just going to pick up… cash”.(laughs) “Well, where?” I was like “Uhhh… uh.. my friend’s place that I work at”. And she’s like, “Your JOB?”. “Well, yes, that’s exactly where I’m going right now.” She didn’t buy it. Gave me a ticket (the) week after I got my license. It was pretty expensive, like $300 bucks. Little steep, little steep.

5) Joel’s Best Scar: I was swinging on a swing when I was a young kid. And my friend just decided to throw a glass cup at my head. And it like hit my forehead, and I had to get 25 stitches. I was six years old. Can we still see the scar? It’s right on my forehead, I guess you gotta look kinda hard. Little scar.

J0in Y108 in welcoming Joel Crouse (Show Dog) to Heinz Field as part of Taylor Swift’s 2013 “Red Tour”.  If you don’t have a ticket, you can still enjoy Y108’s “Never Ever Land” on Art Rooney Avenue from 1:30 – 7 p.m. It’s free and open to everyone, including live music, games and vendors. Katie Arminger (Cold River), Vicci Martinez (Universal Republic) and Maggie Rose (RPM) are performing on the Art Rooney Avenue stage, with interviews with Joel Crouse and Ed Sheeran (Atlantic), and a show by Nick Marzock on the side stage. Get concert tickets at, and you can download Joel Crouse’s hit single “If You Want Some” on iTunes!


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