$100 Wedding Gift Deemed “Not Enough” By Bridezilla

I woke up this morning and found this story blowing up social media…

“This note an ungrateful bride sent her guest complaining about her gift will make you see red”.

Another story was headlined…“Bride criticizes wedding presents on Facebook”.

The original piece was titled...“Wedding gift amount deemed insufficient by bad-mannered bride”.¬†(Warning, NSFW content unrelated to story may be shown at far right of article!)


Do you wonder why someone would express that kind of hubris and ingratitude?

I do.

I wonder if she’ll be that demanding and shallow with her husband?

What about when this couple has kids and one of them comes home with a “C” or “D” on a test because they didn’t study.¬†Will she get jumpin’ ugly with the teacher?

At the kids’ after-school activities, will she be the soccer mom every other mom wants to strangle?

If her husband gains ten or twenty pounds, will she refuse his romantic advances?

Maybe I’m taking this too far. Maybe it was a mutual decision and both spouses are that shallow and pretentious.

And when she gains ten pounds, he’s off to another woman?

Or do they have a legitimate point? I have strong opinions but no corner on the truth…

But I have heard that the more expensive the wedding (in proportion to income), the more likely the couple divorces. And in my book, any wedding expensive enough to lead someone to publicly call out a guest whose One HUNDRED Dollar gift just wasn’t enough…is too. damned. expensive.

What do you think?


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