Ally’s Backstage Experience: Zac Brown

One of the greatest shows I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot of shows, was Zac Brown Band at our Soldier Salute concert at Pepsi Cola Roadhouse years back.

It was only a portion of the band, but the performance and musicianship was incredible.

It was thinking about Zac Brown recently at the Taylor Swift concert. Taylor has been crowned “Entertainer of the Year” more than once, and I get the quick changes and flashy display of her shows.

I was most impressed by her opening act this year though, Ed Sheeran. He’s an average looking guy, and wouldn’t probably get much notice walking down the street, but when he has a guitar and mic – you can’t look away.

Maybe I’m attracked to that kind of artist. I love Jamey Johnson too. So, yeah – I am.

What really impressed me with Zac Brown, though, was meeting him with my then 12 year old daughter backstage.

Coming from a Marine father and now married to an ex-Navy man – I’ve always understood
the need for a strong hand-shake. My daughter was taught the same. So when Zac Brown, who is the father of many daughters, shook her hand – the first thing out of his mouth was “What a great handshake!”

Ok, that hit home and I understood, he’s my kind of artist. I also have so much respect for his perfectionist attitude with the band. I respect music and when it’s played tightly with passion – it’s the best!

So, if you’re going to the show – wear your Y108 Send Me Backstage T-shirts and I’ll be looking for you to meet Zac Brown Band too!

See you at the show Saturday! Ally


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