Sheryl Crow joins Y108’s Jimmy and Monty to share the emotional highs and lows she’s experienced while adopting her two young sons.

“I’ve been through it twice. I’ve never had a baby biologically. (With childbirth) You have the nine month buildup I guess, to get acclimated and get used to the idea. With adoption, it’s ‘Hey, uh, your baby boy is here. Come and get him’.”

“And, also, I’ve been in the hospital when the moms changed their minds. So there’s a lot of emotion that goes into it. But I have a really firm belief that you don’t get the wrong kid, and your kids pick you.”

How much has Sheryl talked to her boys about the fact that they’re adopted?

“They know. Well, actually my three-year old, he really doesn’t really understand that so much. But my six-year old, we started talking about it  when he was four, and he did not want to talk about it. He didn’t want to know. And just recently he started asking me about it. And it’s been really a great experience. I think kids… they want to feel special, but they don’t want to feel different. We just made it that, you know, I wanted him and God picked me to be his mom, and what a blessing that is for me. It’s really a beautiful thing. I keep telling him, ‘Anything you want to know, every question you have, I am here to answer it for you.'”

Have Sheryl’s sons adapted to life on the road?

“(Wyatt’s) going to wind up being a great surfer, ‘cuz  he actually learned to walk on a tour bus. Both boys!”

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