Halloween may be her favorite holiday, but even a brave adrenaline junkie like Kellie Pickler has a greatest fear. Kellie shares her intense phobia with Y108’s Jimmy and Monty:

“I don’t like spiders. Oh gosh, like, I don’t like ants, I don’t like any kind of bugs. I’m terrified of bugs. Snakes, I’m all good.  I will play with an alligator. I don’t want anything to do with bugs.”

What would happen if Kellie found a hairy spider in her bathroom?

“I’ll probably pass out. You have no idea. That whole arachnophobia thing. Like that movie, I can’t watch it. I’m all for “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, but that “Arachnophobia” crap… (I) can’t do it.”

Is Kellie able to watch the movie “Spiderman” without screaming?

“Ooh, that’s pushin’ it (laughs). If I know it’s really a person, I’m good.”

What about camel spiders, the six-inch long creatures that live in the desert (and run 10 mph)?

“Whenever I’ve done the USO tours in the past, all the guys over there and the girls, too, that are in service, they all laugh because whenever I’ve been to Iraq or anything like that… I’m fearless. The only thing that I’m terrified to death of was if a camel spider came out. Because I had done some research and my brother in law had been over in Iraq, and they sent me pictures of these desert spiders.”

“Everything else, I’m good. I feel safe, I’m perfect, I’m with my military. They got my back. I’m good. I’m not worried about a thing. Just God, please make sure no spider gets near me, or I will die. I’ll swim back home!”

Did Kellie ever encounter a camel spider in the Middle East?

“I call them ‘dinosaur spiders’. You cannot kill them. I saw one, but it wasn’t alive. I didn’t even have Raid with me.”

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