With his new CD “Drinks After Work” in stores, Toby Keith joined Y108’s Jimmy and Monty to share why he feels more stars should follow his lead and entertain our troops with the USO.

“Last spring was our 11th year, we performed over 200 shows. We donate two weeks a year of our time to the USO and they take us over there. Seven or eight years in Iraq, nine years in Afghanistan.

Got some amazing memories. Someday, I’m gonna pull all the photos and stories out and just do a big book on it ‘cuz it was phenomenal. I met more friends and got closer to more families during those ten years in the USO than I ever did in the music business.”

Toby encourages other performers to entertain our troops, too.

“Almost to the point of shaming them into going. You should be ashamed… your birthright is to live in the greatest country in the world. If you have something to offer that you can do free of charge… (It) makes me mad when people go play for the troops and get paid for it.

If you’re in DC and you can’t go by Walter Reed and shake hands with some wounded , if you’re not even going to do that, the hell with you, you know what I mean?

(To) the people that continually say no… Like, you don’t have go to the fire bases and go down to the front line like we do. You know, we’ll go down and play for fifteen people sometimes in the middle of nowhere.  You don’t have to do that, but work your way in, go to the green zones, go to Germany. Take a free trip to Germany, play Ramstein (Air Base). Go to the hospital, see the returning wounded.

You don’t wanna be connected with that because you’re afraid its gonna ruin your career, looking like a right-winger, but it has nothing to do with that . It has everything to do with the reason you get to live in the greatest country in the world, is ‘cuz these people think it’s right to fight for freedom.”

Listen to Jimmy and Monty, weekdays 5 – 10A on Y108.


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