Which Country Star Once Worked At Heinz Field?

Cole Swindell (“I Hope You Get Lonely Tonight”, “Chillin’ It”) joins Y108’s Jimmy and Monty in the Morning to reveal his special connection with Heinz Field:

Cole: A lot of people know my first job was selling merch for Luke (Bryan), but did you know… I was the merch guy when Luke was on summer tour with (Kenny) Chesney there?

Jimmy:  You sold t-shirts in Pittsburgh?

Cole: I had the Chesney summer shows, Luke, Leann Rimes, Gary Allan, Keith Urban and Chesney, like, one summer tour in 2007, in Pittsburgh, played Heinz Field, and now I’m going back and I’m ON the ticket, man, that is CRAZY.

Monty: But you were in the hallways, going, “Get your t-shirts, here!”

Cole: Yeah, I was trying to get in the Steelers locker room, and just see what THAT was like, so it was crazy now that I’m gonna have a dressing room in there, now.

Monty: Now we can actually get you into the Steelers’ locker room.

Cole: Yeah, ya’ll can come hang out. Ya’ll can show me around, man.

Monty: Cole Swindell…when you were there selling t-shirts at Heinz Field for Luke, did you take a minute to look outside and see the stage and fantasize for a minute?

Cole: Oh my gosh, yeah, man that was… you know, getting to sell merch for those years and every time I wasn’t on stage, that’s where I wanted to be, you know. But being in places like that, with, I mean, Chesney, that was insane to see football stadiums. I’d never…you know, that’s something you dream of, that’s as big as it gets, you know, to me and so, no, I didn’t think it’d be coming any time soon but this is crazy that I’m on a tour with a good buddy that’s playing football stadiums. It’s gonna be different, man, it’s gonna be different. But I’m ready for it.

Monty: So, Cole, tell us then, three things that you know about Pittsburgh, since you’ve got some experience.

Cole: Three things that I know? You got the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is huge, I wish our fan base for the Atlanta Falcons. You obviously got the Pittsburgh Pirates (laughs). I’m working, here. And also, my label president, Espo (John Esposito), is a huge Steelers fan. That’s two Steelers things, but…hey, it’s Pittsburgh. Ya’ll are gonna have to just show me around and teach me some more. But, Espo, our label president, is a huge Steelers fan so, I can’t wait to get him to this show, man, and have one of his artists playing Heinz Field…I hope that’s special for him, too.

Jimmy: And having been there at Heinz Field before for a show, you know how rabid the country fans are here in the ‘Burgh.

Cole: I love ’em. I love Pittsburgh fans. I cannot wait to get there, there’s gonna be a bunch of ’em, so I hope everybody’s ready. I just thank you all for the support, man. Thank you for playing “Chillin’ It”, and thank you for supporting my album. I hope you all dig it and I want to know what ya’ll think about it.

Y108 welcomes Cole Swindell to Heinz Field on the “That’s My Kind of Night” Tour with Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley and Lee Brice, Saturday, June 21. Listen to Y108 beginning at 7:45 each morning to qualify to win tickets!



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