The Greatest Night in Country Music

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a hashtag blow up the way #ACMawards50 did last night. Not only was the venue huge, but the show itself was the biggest event television has ever seen–it set a Guinness World Record as the most attended awards show. The list of winners, performers, and attendees could make your jaw drop to the floor, which is exactly what mine did when a few of them took the stage…

First of all, the collaboration between Pittsburgh’s Dan + Shay and Nick Jonas was all I needed to know dreams do come true. The mash-up of “Nothing Like You” and “Chains” had me feeling some type of way, and I most definitely wasn’t the only one:

@CarolineTuckerr: “I mean c’mon country music and Nick Jonas what’s better…nothing…nothing at all”




And of course, the men themselves took to Twitter to talk about their incredible performance:

@nickjonas: “Wow so amazing to attend and perform with @DanAndShay at the @ACMawards tonight in Texas. So honored what a night!”

@DanAndShay: “Best night of our lives. THANK YOU country music fans + everyone who tuned in to the@ACMawards.”

However, as much I loved and ugly cried over that performance, I can’t forget about one of country’s biggest superstars, who not only sounds like an angel, but looks like one too…

@whudafxuplexi: “No guy in my life will ever compare to Sam Hunt #sorrynotsorry”

@cheymc17: “sam hunt you know how to make a girl’s hands clammy in .2 seconds”

@kendaldelann: “If Sam Hunt is 30 I’m 30” (I guess I’m 30)

@hippist: “Sam Hunt can take my time, steal my covers, cross that line, or whatever he wants” (<– THIS.)

Sam Hunt was one of the top trending topics on Twitter last night, and although he didn’t leave with the Best New Artist award, it’s safe to say he still has a bright future ahead of him. He performed “Take Your Time” towards the beginning of the show and killed it, even if I didn’t think it was enough… Here’s what I tweeted when he took the stage:

@KatieZakY108: “SAM HUNT ❤ ❤ <3”

And only about 60 short seconds later:

@KatieZakY108: “NOT ENOUGH SAM HUNT 😦 😦 :(”

He’ll be in the Burgh in September with Lady Antebellum, so I guess I can wait…

Although it’s fun to gush over how attractive country music is today, there was one touching moment that should be recognized. Taylor Swift was honored with one of the night’s Milestone Awards, which was presented to her by her mother, Andrea. She acknowledged her decision to explore other music genres and her recent pop albums, but thanked the country audience for continuing to accept her as one of their own. Her mother also gave a touching speech about everything she has seen her daughter accomplish. How Taylor wasn’t bawling her eyes out is a miracle because I would have been ugly crying so bad if that was my mom and I.

And of course, as she always does, Taylor got lots of love on social media:

@ChrisWillman: “taylorswift13 Your mom’s a pretty good public speaker! You must be as proud of her as she is of you.”

@Darling_J: “Honestly — I just got a little choked up watching @taylorswift13 accept her #ACMawards50 award from her mom. Such a special moment.”

@cmtcody: “What a gracious speech by @TaylorSwift13. Come back home to country music anytime! #ACMawards50”

And probably my favorite tweet of the night:

@bretteldredge: “You can’t not love @taylorswift13 ….congrats T, you took me on tour when I needed it the most and I won’t forget it! #ACMawards50”


Finally, Luke Bryan not only co-hosted the event, but won the biggest award of the night. For the second time, he was honored as Entertainer of the Year. I thought it was well-deserved along with several others on social media who shared their love for the country star last night:

@evicora21: “in case you didn’t know, luke bryan won Entertainer of the Year last night 🙂 :)”

@Dakota_Mead: “Finding out my man Luke Bryan won entertainer of the year makes me excited! He’s my favorite! You go man! :)”

@DylanTheMan37: “Luke Bryan currently is my fav country artist, I am glad he won the last award. #ACMAward50”

Even though he took home the night’s top award, my favorite Luke Bryan moment was when he went long for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who had the perfect response to the hosts’ question about deflated footballs–apparently the Cowboys “play with real balls”. BOOM.

All in all, it was a great show and a great night in country music. Ccan we do it again?


Peng-win… FINALLY!

The Pittsburgh Penguins are shocked hockey fans Saturday night in Game #2 of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. After a disappointing end to he regular season, the Pens proved they are ready to fight and make a serious run for Lord Stanley. Other than taking wayyyy too many unnecessary penalties, they looked like an entirely different team than the one that was fighting for their lives only weeks ago. I’ve believed in them from the start (no, I promise I’m not a bandwagon fan)

@AlysshaMcinnes: “I’m so ready for tomorrow night it’s gonna be exciting I know everyone in Pittsburgh is amped up for the game I am too #believeintheburgh #pens”

@outsiderswife: “I don’t know what’s harder? 1- Waiting a day for the #Pens to play 2- Watching #Pens play & hoping they win #stanleycupplayoffs”

@joshcouick: “just sitting here waiting til puck drops… is it Monday night yet?”


#LillyForTarget? More Like #LillyForNoOne

As a former sorority girl, when Lilly Pulitzer announced a partnership with Target for a new line, I practically exploded in a fit of excitement and glitter. I started hoarding Target gift cards three months ago, I browsed the Lilly For Target look book several times, and prioritized the items I really, really wanted. For someone on a budget who can’t justify spending $250 on a maxi dress, this was my chance to finally own one.

@AllisonLothrop: “Don’t call it a collection if it will only be available for 5 minutes on 1 day – that’s called a flash sale @Target #LillyForTarget”

@emilysevereid: “To the people who bought out all the #LillyForTarget stuff and put it on @eBay- there’s a special place in hell for you.”

@BluegrassBelle_: “If #LillyForTarget was supposed to be accessible for everyone, why was it all gone within thirty seconds?”


@rebeccaplaine: “Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by a @lillypulitzer online sale #LillyForTarget”

I was FUMING yesterday morning. Not because everything sold out, but because of the way the release was hyped and then handled. The collection was advertised on television, extensively online, and was trending on social media for weeks leading up to yesterday’s release. Online shoppers crashed the Target website in the wee hours of the morning, and I talked to a woman in Target yesterday afternoon who said she witnessed a man shoveling all the Lilly tote bags into his cart. Way to kill the dream, guys.


Little Timberlake Makes His Social Media Debut

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel welcomed their first son, Silas Randall Timberlake into the world on April 12th and he has already made his Instagram debut. Justin shared a photo of little Silas with his mom yesterday and captioned it:

“The Timberlakes are ready!!!! GO GRIZZ! #GritNGrind #Playoffs #BabyGrizzROAR”

In the photo, Jessica Biel is pictured holding Silas, who is wearing a Memphis Grizzlies onesie in support of the team for the NBA Playoffs. Let me just say there is nothing cuter than the baby/sports combination and of course the son of JT makes it look absolutely adorable. Many, many fans left positive comments on the photo:

@stinkystubbs: “what a beautiful family and a beautiful moment shared 🙂 love u guys! Enjoy your perfect little family!”

@pajco1226: “Congratulations!!!! Handsome little guy @justintimberlake”

Twitter also took notice to the newest Timberlake, who is already cuter than I will ever be:

@MommyBerd: “Justin Timberlake and Jessica’s baby boy is soooooo cute!”

@itsgossipstar: “How cute is #JustinTimberlake’s and #JessicaBiel’s baby boy #SilasRandall”

The Memphis Grizzlies responded to JT’s tweet as well:

@memgrizz: “#RepRep! #GrizzNation RT @justintimberlake: The Timberlakes are ready!!!! GO GRIZZ! #GritNGrind #Playoffs #BabyGrizzROAR”

See the adorable Instagram photo HERE!


Welcome Back, Tim Tebow

The Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly set to sign quarterback Tim Tebow sometime today after serving as a college football analyst this past season. He hasn’t played in the NFL since 2013, and even then he only played with the New England Patriots during training camp. Rumors swirled around the football icon when he worked with Eagles a few weeks ago, but it just might become official today with all signs pointing to a signing. I first heard the news from my friends on Facebook, who were a mix of less-than-pleased and super excited Eagles fans…

My friend Scott said, “It’s official. There will be no free iced coffees this season. I’ll remember the 20 that I got for free fondly.” (When the Eagles win, Dunkin Donuts gives away free iced coffees the next day in the Philadelphia area.)

One of my friends from my first school in New Jersey has been in love with Tim Tebow long before I met her, so she was beyond thrilled about the news, posting: “Everything has made me cry today, now I find out Tim Tebow is back in the NFL? This day is too much for my little heart.” Another Facebook friend simply said, “Tebow is an Eagle!! YES YES YES YES”. Much to my surprise and delight, several others were also excited about the signing on Twitter:

@CMccagg: “Tim Tebow just signed with the Eagles. Way to go and bring back a great player who was taken out because of his faith and beliefs. #TebowTime”

@levimitchell: “I’m glad Tim tebow is getting another shot!”

@mattlollar: “Thank you Chip Kelly. Love the Tebow signing!”

But some people seemed to agree with Scott on this one though:

@ScottCarasik: “No one is saying Tim Tebow is a bad guy. We’re saying that he’s a terrible NFL football player.”

@TheKidKD: “So the Eagles signed Tim Tebow….Why???????”

And of course, some jumped at the chance to poke a little fun:

@Swag_Catholic: “Tim Tebow: *sings quietly to self* ‘And he will raise you up on Eagle’s wings…’ *tears of joy swell in his eyes*”

@JoeMcGoo: “Quote of the day: ‘Tim Tebow throws a football like he’s throwing a gallon of paint.'”

@RobThorne: “The Pope will visit Philadelphia in September. Think Tim Tebow will still be on the #Eagles roster by then?”

Personally, I’m glad he’s getting another chance in the NFL, and I do agree that he should not be shamed for being a good person. Best of luck to him this season! (But GO STEELERS)



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