‘PICKLESBURGH’ Pickle Festival Coming To Pittsburgh

Between a bacon festival and a beer fest, Pittsburgh certainly gets some of the coolest food and drink fests! If you’re into pickles this is the festival for YOU!

Heinz “Picklesburgh” is coming this summer to the 9th Street Bridge!

UPDATE: Here’s your first look at the giant pickle that will be flying around dahntahn…

That’s one large pickle! 😉

Everyone seems to be making it a big “dill” about it…

When you think Pittsburgh food it’s pierogies and Primantis, will we add pickles to this list?

If you’re into pickles I do know there is a really cool spot called “Pittsburgh Pickle Co.” to hold you over till July 17-18th for Picklesburgh.

#Pittsburgh got itself into a pickle for me. Unless I become pregnant between now and then I don’t think I’ll be dahn for this one. I’ve been known to tell restaurants I’m allergic to pickles so they don’t put them on my plate to avoid the pickle juice from rolling into my bun… nasty! ~ @ElistaB

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