By Elista

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and jammed with us at Y108’s 8 Man Jam! We had a blast with you and our artists. Congrats to those who rocked their Y108 Send Me Backstage t-shirt and got to come upstairs and meet the guys! At one point we had all of the artists lined up for a photo. Immediately after we invited the labels reps to take an industry picture, and after that we had all of the Y108 Staff jump in for a photo with the eight man jammers!

It was a great shot and awesome to see everyone on the staff in a picture together with the jammers, but WAIT… WHO IS THAT!?! She doesn’t work for Y108!

There is a MYSTERY WOMAN in the picture who is NOT on the Y108 staff! She seemed to have wiggled her way into the shot! We think its hilarious however we want to find her! Are YOU THE #Y108ManJam Mystery Woman?! Was it your friend?! Does she work at Rivers Casino?!  Is your friend the #Y108ManJam Mystery woman! We need to find her! If it’s you or you know this woman call us @ #412-922-1079, tweet us @Y108Pittsburgh , or comment on Facebook, and let us know!!!

UPDATED: WE FOUND HER! Take a look at the comments on our Facebook post.

Epic photobomb #Y108ManJam Mystery woman. You got lucky this time! 🙂 ~ @ElistaB


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