By Wookie

I think it’s time to leave Blake Shelton’s personal life alone, don’t you? Before you give me he’s a celebrity and it comes with the territory, let me tell you something … you’re WRONG!

The news of Blake and Miranda divorcing can be public knowledge and the news of Blake and Gwen dating sure, but that’s where it ends. Think about it from this angle, what if it was you going through all of this.

Stats show that almost 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce, so chances are half of you have or are going through it now. Just because Blake sings music and is on a TV show doesn’t give you or me the right to keep harping on him about his personal life.

I think we’ve become too much of an intrusive society.

The reason why entertainment gossip sites exist is because we can’t get enough of other people’s private life. In other words were too damn nosy. I’m guilty to a certain extend as well.

The bottom line is, was it news that Blake and Miranda divorced sure but is the reason why important? NO, that’s none of our business. If Blake and Gwen are both single which they are, then does it matter that they are dating? Do we need to find out when this “relationship” started? No, again it’s none of our business.

They have a lot in common besides being judges on The Voice, they’re professional singers and they just went through very public divorces. That in and of itself is more than most couples have in common when they start dating.

If you want to make a multimillionaire out of the likes of the Kardashins, who crave the spotlight for their messed up personal lives so be it. Buying a CD or watching a show someone is one doesn’t give you the right to be so intrusive in someone’s personal life. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want me or anyone else getting into to yours!

The worst part about this whole thing is even when we do get the info we want, we then feel it’s our right to give our opinions on the subject or the person without even trying to be sensitive. Social Media gives us so many great things, information for one. It also, gives us a medium to say whatever we want without any real consequences. You should see some of the twitter messages Blake has gotten, what’s even worse go on some sites and see the comments… Unreal.

This has to stop, life is difficult as it is without others (with no skin in the game) getting in the way. Blake can do whatever he wants he’s a grown man and has earned the right to do so. Not to mention it’s NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.

If you want to be a fan be a fan, buy his music, watch The Voice, come to the concert with Y108 on March 19th at Consol. If you’re not a fan, then why bother wasting your time with any of this? I choose to be a fan and can’t wait for the 19th. Hope I see you there.


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