By Maria D'Antonio

OK, is it just me – or was this TOTALLY awkward on ‘Conan’ last night?!

The entire cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ was on the late night talk show, and Conan conveniently pointed out that Mayim Bialik (Amy) and Johnny Galecki (Leonard) first met back on the set of 90’s sitcom, ‘Blossom’. And he also pointed out that it was the place where they both had their first on-stage kiss!

They showed a picture of the scene where Galecki was going in for the kill, both of them in their all-too-perfect 90s gear, and it was the perfect amount of nostalgia for you to say “Awww!” and move on. BUT THEN. It just HAD to go one step farther, didn’t it?

After some prodding by their co-stars and the audience…they RECREATED THE KISS. RIGHT THERE. Not that it was a sloppy, risque kiss or anything, but it was just an awkward moment! PLUS, Amy and Leonard just shouldn’t be kissing – amiright?! Or is it really just me?! Check out the clip above and decide for yourself!


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