By Amanda Wicks

Chris Stapleton aims to bring attention to mental health with his new video for the song “Fire Away,” off his album Traveller.

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Starring Ben Foster and Margarita Levieva as a young married couple, the music video oscillates between nostalgic and more disturbing memories largely because Levieva’s character struggles with mental illness. Eventually things become too much for Foster to handle alone (via The Boot).

While the video focuses primarily on Foster and Levieva’s story, Stapleton makes a brief appearance as the bartender who serves Foster shot after shot while he sits thinking back on his relationship. Foster’s memories start off on a positive note, including the time he and his wife purchased and renovated a home together, but eventually things take a dark turn when his wife’s mental illness surfaces in greater ways.

According to The Boot, Foster introduced Stapleton to the organization The Campaign to Change Direction, which aims to bring attention to mental illness. The organization praised Stapleton’s efforts on its website, stating, “We are grateful that award winning artist Chris Stapleton has highlighted this important topic in his first-ever music video, Fire Away, and we are pleased to welcome his support for the Campaign to Change Direction.”


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