We're safe until 2018!By Maria D'Antonio

‘NCIS’ fans got TERRIBLE news earlier this year when Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo) announced that he would be leaving the show after this season. I think it’s safe to say that after 13 seasons of Tony, the show will not be the same without him. BOO!

BUT, today’s Trending @ 10 will renew your faith in television! According to USA Today, ‘NCIS’ has officially been renewed for 2 MORE SEASONS! Plus, Mark Harmon (Gibbs) has officially signed on for two more years, too! This means we’re safe to get more of the drama, quirks and back-of-the-head smacks from this awesome cast until 2018!

There are still so many questions, though! What will the show look like without Tony? How will they replace him AND his humor? Will the show still have funny and quirky parts? Who WILL Gibbs smack on the back of the head?!?!

Answers to come, my friends. Answers to come.


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