By Erin Duvall 

Jake Owen is embracing the possibilities of a new year via his new single. As he introduces the country to “American Country Love Song,” he’s also transitioning into a new lifestyle: life after divorce.

“Last year was an interesting year for me both personally and professionally,” Owen said in a recent interview (via Sounds Like Nashville). “I obviously went through a divorce, and my ex moved back to Florida and my little girl went with her back to Florida.”

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The hardest part has been returning home after a road gig and not having his little girl, Pearl, greeting him with a lively, “Daddy!”

“And now it’s weird,” Owen admits. “I get home, and I’m the only person there and it’s so quiet, and it’s taken me a while to gain strength back again into knowing that I got to start rebuilding again. So I’m back on my feet. I feel really good. I know that I’m back being happy again.”

Despite the problems between Owen and his ex wife Lacey, they will put Pearl first.

“Being married was an awesome thing for me. I really loved it,” he said. “Unfortunately, myself and Lacey didn’t work out, we still care a lot about each other and most importantly have so much love for our little girl, and we want to do what’s best for her.”


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