By Maria D'Antonio

Today’s Trending @ 10 is gonna have “The Walking Dead” fans FREAKING OUT and saving up some mula!

Universal Studios Hollywood just announced that they’re introducing a permanent “The Walking Dead” attraction to the park! Before this, it was just part of the park’s Halloween Horror Nights maze, but starting Summer 2016, you’ll have the chance to get chased by zombies all year long!

They’re not offering up too many specifics about the newest addition, but according to USA Today, it will be an upgrade from what’s been done in the past for Halloween.

We DO know it’s going to focus more on the zombies than the living people in the show. There will be a mix of live performers and animatronic zombies, and it’s going to have better, creepier makeup, set designs AND costumes. All of this just to make sure you’ll get the appropriate amount of scared for your life as you wander through the attraction!

Plus, you’ll get to see from Seasons 1, 3, 4 and current season 6!

They did warn, too, that this probably isn’t the greatest place for kids under the age of 13.

…and PERSONALLY, I’m gonna go ahead and pretend I’m under the age of 13, because I can barely make it through the trailer without completely freaking out, let alone actually go THROUGH the thing. EEK!

Check out the teaser video above!


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