By Hayden Wright

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, but the party didn’t stop with a locket and a cake. Yesterday, the pair shared Instagram shots of themselves frolicking in caption-less bliss in some undisclosed tropical paradise.

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Like any normal couple, Swift and Harris took a combination of solo shots and couple shots, finding their best light and posing with just the right amount of effort.

In one particularly sentimental photo, Swift showed how they carved their initials in the sand: “TS + AW,” the latter for Harris’ original name, Adam Wiles.

In a brief video that shows her jumping on a floating trampoline, Swift wrote “That time when we finally took a vacation,” nodding to the busy first year of togetherness she and her boyfriend have shared. It’s nice to see two besotted superstars take some time for each other. Check out some of their dispatches from vacation here:


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