By Maria D'Antonio

I am SO EXCITED for today’s Trending @ 10!!!

We are FINALLY getting to meet Leonard’s dad on ‘The Big Bang Theory’! And Judd Hirsch from ‘Taxi’ is the guy they’ve cast to play him!!!

Up until now, there’s only been mentions of Leonard’s dad throughout the series. We’ve never actually seen him on screen, but according to, that will all change this season!

It all happened when Johnny Galecki (Leonard) ran into Judd Hirsch at the tribute show for James Burrows. Johnny told Judd that he took aspects of Judd’s character from ‘Taxi’ and put them into Leonard! After that, he asked if Judd would ever consider playing his father on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ – and the rest is history!

Pretty cool, huh?? Sounds like a perfect fit to me!

New episodes of the show return to CBS on March 31st! CANNOT. WAIT.


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