By Amanda Wicks

Sometimes the most powerful songs arise through life’s more difficult moments. Such is the case for country singer Josh Kelley’s emotional music video for the song “It’s Your Move” off his upcoming album New Lane Road.

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Kelley co-wrote the song following a major fight he had with wife, actress Katherine Heigl. The video, which Heigl directed, reflects the tense emotional battle the couple faced, and their decision to work through it. In it, Kelley and Heigl occupy opposite sides of the room–Heigl in bed and Kelley playing piano–while a couple dances between them.

Speaking about the fight that led to the song, Kelly said in a press release, “It was like one of those fights, an all-end-all fight, where you have to decide whether you’re going to remain in this story or not,” shares Kelley. “And luckily, we love each other, we’re best friends, and we came out of it on top, but it was a big eye-opener for us. It’s a very vulnerable song. It’s very honest.”

New Lane Road will be released April 22nd.


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