Yes, you read that headline right, social media may make you shallow. At least, that’s what a new study says.

The University of Windsor in Canada surveyed nearly 150 students and found that spending too much time on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and even texting is associated to more shallow thinking, but it doesn’t necessarily cause it.

According to, the study notes “frequent usage of this type of media will be associated with a decline in the use of reflective thought, a decrease in importance placed on life goals related to morality and aesthetics, and an increase in importance placed on life goals related to hedonism and image.”

Michigan State’s Saleem Alhabash was contacted about the study for the article on Alhabash is the Assistant Professor of Public Relations and Social Media for MSU.

He says many often think of social media use as the cause, but the problem can be looked at from the opposite side – “Is it possible that people who are more shallow and less moral are the ones who use social media more often?”

Do you think social media use makes people shallow or is it that shallow people are using social media?


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