By Robyn Collins

Country music’s favorite Aussie songwriter and artist, country icon Keith Urban has spent his career writing and recording meaningful and moving songs.

In regards to his to upcoming 8th studio album, Ripcord, he said, “It’s just kind of a cool word name — just, it has a lot of energy about it that I really like … I just like the sound of it … and I thought [a ripcord on a parachute] is quite metaphoric for what music is for me and what music is for a lot of people: It can very well be the thing that saves their life.”

In a recent interview with ET, Urban talked about creating the new album, as well as how his wife Nicole Kidman has influenced the process.

“Nic[ole] of course hears everything over the course of, about, 15 months that I’ve been working on this record,” he said. “So, she’s heard everything over, and over, and over again — God bless her.”

Urban says he needs the “girl view” from his superstar wife.


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